PipHiker EA Review

If you are searching for PipHiker EA reviews to find out either is PipHiker EA scam or legit, then you have landed in the right place. Through our PipHiker EA review, you are going to find out the complete truth about this forex robot.

PipHiker EA by iForexRobot is an automated trading system that works based on the Grid/Hedge strategy. The owners of this EA tried hard to present their trading strategy in the best positive way, but we are sure that the strategy the PipHiker runs on is not reliable on the long run. Only advanced traders will see this as a big warning bell because the Grid trading strategy is a very risky one. However, we will still try to point out some potential benefits for its clients, as we always strive to be objective.

So, then what is PipHiker EA? Is PipHiker a scam?

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PipHiker EA Strategy

PipHiker EA Review

PipHiker EA uses the Grid strategy on M1 time frame. The EA works best on multiple currency pairs, to be specific EURUSD, GBPJPY, AUDNZD.

The Scam Expert Advisor found out that the trading methodology this EA uses to manage your account is a high risk one. It is among the trading system that can undergo a phenomenon called flash Crash. Now, when this happens, the likelihood of this EA to survive is slim, and what that means is that your entire fund is at risk.

There are some specifications to use this robot as stated on their website. The PipHiker EA requires a minimum deposit of $1500 to trade. That means that not all traders can use this robot. Other specifications include  leverage of 1:400, variety of indicators and lot size of 0.001.

No customer reviews

No matter what some EA developers may claim about their result, you should know that their own result, has nothing to do with what clients can get. Actually, customer reviews is the correct approach to know the real potentials of an EA. Unfortunately, there are no tangible customer review outside the ones we see on their website. If you are enticed by the performance of the EA PipHiker and want to see whether people are making pips with this EA, then the last place you should resort to are the reviews on their website. This can be manipulated most of the times.

This means that clients of EA PipHiker have little or no assurance on what they can actually get from this software, and that is why we advise investors to avoid this robot. There is also the issue of brokers who are simply providing poor trading environment for the robot specifications. This also means that the result may vary depending on the broker.

Slight insight on trading methodology

PipHiker EA doesn’t provide much details about the trading indicators they use. This is an obvious disadvantage that is actually very common among shady EA developers. Clients have the right to know what are the various indicators offered by the EA, how those indicators agree before a trade is place, and other essential information.

Review Verdict – Avoid PipHiker at all cost

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PipHiker Review Conclusion

It is difficult to find Forex robots that work nowadays. You are going to search the whole internet without much success. The reason PipHiker is not a good product to recommend is that it just does not meet the standards of a decent trading robot for Forex trading. The reasons for rejecting this trading robot are very obvious.



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