Pairs Index Pro Review

Pairs Index Pro is the name of a notorious EA for Forex trading that have gone the extra mile to steal from its client and is still making wave now. If you wish to prolong the longevity of your Forex account, you must read our factual and unbiased review of Pairs Index Pro. is the notorious Forex robot site to prowl into existence and mislead countless Forex investors out of their mouth. Throughout this honest review, we will expose the shady marketing tactics employed to earn your trust along with expose other scam sites that are directly related to this absurd snake oil firm!

Note: Alternative to Pairs Index Pro Scam is the WallStreet Robot, read review.

This may come as a surprise to someone like you that is new to Forex Trading, there are countless EAs you can integrate with a Forex Broker.

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Pairs Index Pro Scam

When you read the prints on a website like the one from Pairs Index Pro, they try really hard to convince you that depositing money with some offshore Forex broker will make you a millionaire over night. However, we noticed a huge red flag when we reviewed the Pairs Index Pro. Look at the screen capture below, where they say that the PairsIndexPro was back-tested in the vendor’s live account, and that it yielded 48% of returns each month. That is a lie, and they Back-tested results can be fabricated very easily!

Pairs Index Pro

If you take a look at the screenshot above, you will notice that the most important information was left out. These results are purported to have been pulled from Myfxbook platform, yet there is no proof that they were actually recorded there.

If you want to see what real a Forex robot looks like, then look at the various types at

Pairs Index Pro Review

Once we registered and got inside the system this is what we saw. It is one of the most costly Forex Robot, you either subscribe to a one year license for free (which you renew yearly), or you buy the robot at a one time price between $429 and $759.

There are lots of stories going round on the internet concerning traders who lost everything with an EA because they signed up with one of their brokers just to use the Expert Advisor for free. If you decide to purchase the premium version more than you are gullible, the first one is that you will never get to use this loosing software for any significant length of time and the brokers do not guarantee any refund policy.

It is clear that Pairs Index Pro is targeted towards novice Forex investors due to the outrageous promises the make. Take for example the promised of a consistent earning and their are claims that the Pairs Index Pro doubles Forex accounts in a short period of time. If you start with $5,000, it would be multiplied to $25,000 in less than 30 days. In other words, this EA uses aggressive scalping methods which we don’t think is practical in terms of money management.

As we have pointed out in a few of our other reviews, most legitimate Forex Expert Advisors do not make unrealistic claims. Don’t fool yourself by believing that you were fortunate enough to have come across a miracle site that allows you generate an unbelievable profit. That is exactly what the creators behind this scams are hoping for you to believe and is how they deceive countless investors out of their hard earned money.

Fake Testimonials

Pairs Index Pro kept on painting positive image about themselves on names that doesn’t even exist. They made up a testimonial and called it called it customers review for you to believe. We looked at popular Forex forums, and there is no such thing as $4,000 profit from a small Forex account. Rather we saw directly opposite review of what they claim.

Pairs Index Pro Scam

Bad Forex Brokers

The free version of Faret EA redirects you to a scam forex broker at

As you can see, Scam Expert Advisor is a website dedicated to review of Forex and CFD brokers. Dozens of disgruntled traders come to us agitating because their brokers had mishandled them and stolen everything from them.

We are quite sure that this robot provider knows very well that Midasglobe is a con broker, yet they seem to encourage all their users to open an account with them in order to use Pairs Index Pro for free.

In Conclusion

Real investors that are interested in trading without any automated system, should find a real broker on the best brokers page.

WallStreet Forex Robot 3 is another popular robot because it comes with a broker spy module that prevent unfair play by brokers during trading. It costs just $267 and you also get a bonus auto bot systems. Get the complete robot package at:

Please tell everyone how you lost money using the Pairs Index Pro in the comments section below.

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