Owl Smart Levels Indicator

The Owl Smart Levels Indicator, created by Sergey Ermolov, is marketed as a comprehensive trading system packed into a single indicator. It combines various well-known market analysis tools, including Bill Williams’ advanced fractals, Valable ZigZag for wave structure analysis, and Fibonacci levels for entry and profit-taking points. In this review, we will examine its features, trading strategy, pros, and cons.

Owl Smart Levels MT4/MT5

Owl Smart Levels Review

The Owl Smart Levels Indicator aims to simplify trading by providing a user-friendly interface that can appeal to both experienced traders and newcomers. According to the developer, there are no hidden formulas or complex calculations involved in this indicator. It offers clear signals for entry and highlights essential levels for order placement.

Owl Smart Levels Setup
Owl Smart Levels Setup

Furthermore, it boasts a private user chat for additional support and bonuses.

Features: The indicator’s key features include:

  1. Bill Williams’ Advanced Fractals: These help in identifying potential reversal points and trend direction.
  2. Valable ZigZag: This assists in analyzing market wave structures, aiding traders in understanding trend directions.
  3. Fibonacci Levels: These mark entry and profit-taking levels, providing guidance on trade management.
  4. Owl Helper Advisor-Assistant: This tool appears to offer guidance and support in trading.

Trading Strategy

The trading strategy behind Owl Smart Levels Indicator seems to revolve around identifying trends, using Fibonacci levels to time entry and exit points, and relying on the ZigZag indicator to guide trade direction.

Owl Smart Level Interface

However, the indicator’s precise strategy and risk management techniques are not thoroughly explained in the provided information, leaving traders in the dark about its reliability.

Owl Smart Levels Indicator

Pros: The advantages of the Owl Smart Levels Indicator, as claimed by the developer, include:

  1. User-Friendly: It is designed to be easy to use, catering to both beginners and experienced traders.
  2. Clear Signals: The indicator reportedly provides clear signals for trade entry and exit.
  3. Trend Identification: It can help traders identify trend direction on different timeframes.
  4. Simple Settings: The indicator appears to have straightforward settings, making it accessible for all levels of traders.

Cons: While the Owl Smart Levels Indicator offers some appealing features, there are potential drawbacks:

  1. Lack of Strategy Details: The indicator’s trading strategy and risk management are not explained in depth, raising concerns about its effectiveness.
  2. Unverified Claims: Claims of profitability and ease of use are made by the developer but lack independent verification or live results.
  3. Limited Information: The information provided is limited, making it challenging for traders to make an informed decision about its use.

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The Owl Smart Levels Indicator offers an intriguing concept of combining multiple analysis tools into one indicator. However, the lack of detailed trading strategy information and independent verification of its effectiveness are significant concerns for potential users

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