New Genius AI FTMO EA

New Genius AI FTMO EA is an FX Expert Advisor designed for Forex trading. It claims to use innovative AI and neural network technologies to automate trading decisions. This review aims to provide an assessment of this trading software, examining its features, trading strategy, as well as its pros and cons.

New Genius AI FTMO EA

New Genius AI FTMO EA Review

The New Genius AI FTMO EA is an automated trading tool that claims to identify “new geniuses” in the CopyFx system. It utilizes a trading algorithm inspired by the Iron Man trading advisor and incorporates methodologies from the Thomas advisor. The EA operates with five stages of trade management (search, analysis, control, entry, exit) and three stages of trading decisions, employing mathematical models like the Fourier and Laplace transforms. It emphasizes its use of artificial and neural networks for fast Forex trading.


  • It requires a minimum deposit of $1000 and is designed to work with the XAUUSD trading pair on a 5-minute timeframe.
  • ECN account type is recommended for low spreads.
  • The owner claims to use an internal AI core specifically developed for XAUUSD trading.
  • The EA has a focus on fast VPS servers and uses innovative trading methods with AI and neural networks.

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Trading Strategy

The New Genius AI FTMO EA employs a multi-stage trading strategy that includes searching for trading opportunities, analyzing market conditions, controlling risk, determining entry and exit points. It combines mathematical models like Fourier and Laplace transforms with AI and neural networks to make trading decisions. The strategy is designed to adapt and rework itself every two weeks to find optimal entry points.

New Genius AI Strategy

Risk management appears to be a crucial aspect, as the EA undergoes optimization and training using historical market data. This includes collecting extensive data, training neural networks, and optimizing parameters. Additionally, users are advised to start with a demo or cent account for the first two weeks to evaluate trading conditions and install the EA on a VPS.


  1. Innovative Use of AI: The EA leverages artificial intelligence and neural networks to analyze market data and make trading decisions, potentially improving accuracy and speed.
  2. Real Trading Signals: Users can access real trading signals through the MQL5 platform, offering transparency and convenience.
  3. Focus on Risk Management: The emphasis on risk management, including starting with a demo account, suggests a commitment to responsible trading.


  1. Complex Setup: The New Genius AI FTMO EA is described as difficult to set up and configure, which may deter less experienced traders.
  2. Limited Instrument and Timeframe: The EA is limited to trading the XAUUSD pair on a 5-minute timeframe, potentially restricting diversification options.
  3. Proprietary AI Core: The claim of using an internal AI core developed for XAUUSD trading lacks specific details and transparency about the technology used.


New Genius AI FTMO EA appears to be a sophisticated trading tool that relies heavily on artificial intelligence and neural networks. While its commitment to risk management is commendable, its complexity and limitations in terms of trading pairs and timeframes may not suit all traders. Users should exercise caution and consider their trading preferences and experience level before using this EA.

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