MyBitcoinBot Review

Are you searching for the MyBitcoinBot reviews in order to find out what is MyBitcoinBot, either is MyBitcoinBot a scam or legit?

If so, then here, within our MyBitcoinBot review, we are going to reveal the complete truth about My Bitcoin Bot.

Actually, MyBitcoinBot is a scam site, so we have listed it within our bad and scams category. If you want to know why is MyBitcoinBot a scam, then you can find the details in our MyBitcoinBot review below.

MyBitcoinBot Review

MyBitcoinBot Scam

MyBitcoinBot said ”No matter what direction Bitcoin goes you can still profit from it – even if you don’t have a lot of money!” This is pure lies and whoever is telling you this is receiving payment from an illegal broker.
MyBitcoinBot is an automated trading software and if you are familiar with any auto trading software, you will know that they are used for the automation of your own trading strategy. See a real Bitcoin robot here.

MyBitcoinBot Review

MyBitcoinBot has nothing to do with the cryptocurrency niche. Because crypto trading is hot, MyBitcoinBot wants to use that umbrella to fool you. MyBitcoinBot will steal your money and give it to a scam broker because it does not actually trade cryptos for you.

Review Verdict: MyBitcoinBot is a Scam!

MyBitcoinBot Review Conclusion

Aforementioned, the system of MyBitcoinBot is completely bogus so they are not telling you the truth about what you will gain. There is a big risk in auto trading but MyBitcoinBot failed to state so, so from our side, we don’t recommend it.

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