Mining Express Review

Mining Express is not the best place to invest your money. But it is of course the quickest place to lose Bitcoins. The website has made its intentions very clear. They want to scam you of your hard earned money. You should never allow them to do so. These red flags have already communicated what the owner of this ponzi scheme is really up to. We can’t ignored the red flags.

Returns have to be generated by people who are highly experienced in this industry. Only do the so-called traders have to prove their existence, but they also have to prove their track records as well.

For Mining Express platform, they have talked about experts behind the system yet those individuals are anonymous. Their trading profiles are nowhere to be found on the internet. It would take a lot of convincing for us to believe that professional traders are involved in this website.

The fact that they are anonymous means that they do not exist. Nobody is going to mine bitcoins on this website. But of course there is one website admin who receives the deposit and uses them the way he pleases.

In that case, you shouldn’t dream of any returns from Mining Express.


Mining Express Scam

It is common sense that cryptocurrency can be generated through mining. But for mining to take place, the platform in question must own data centers from which mining of Bitcoins takes place.

Mining Express proves that they are a ponzi scam because there is no evidence that they own any data center. In fact, mining of Bitcoin is mentioned in the passing. Nothing serious about it. That leaves us with a strong conclusion. These guys are not mining but doing what we call ponzi scheming. The site has enough red flags to suggest that no genuine business is taking place here and you are better off keeping your money than risking it to an obvious scam like this one.

Review Verdict : Mining Express is a scam

Besides not giving any evidence of their trading or mining activities, the site is acting as a trust fund but with no regulator’s license. This means that Mining Express is an illegal trust fund. It has breached the requirements of the regulators because they have nothing to do with trading or mining of Bitcoins. This also shows that Mining Express is a scammer’s business since the anonymous owner is hustling internet users of their Bitcoins yet not giving them any reasons why his operations should be trusted.

Mining Express Review Conclusion

Mining Express is a scam mining and not a good trading platform. It’s going to cost you money that you are not willing to lose.

One might argue that Mining Express actually invests in crypto currency mining and many other markets. But the question is, can we see evidence or proof of mining? If they claim that they have the mining center, can we see proof of their mining activities from at least one of the center whom they work with?

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