Litecoin Trader Review

One must remember that Tony Davis of Litecoin Trader is not a real man but a character that was hired for convenience and also to cover the real tracks of people who are responsible for this scam. The owner of this software does not want to give proof of trading. We don’t know how this software has performed in the last few weeks.

The best thing you should do is ignore this product. We’ve got very good trading robots for you. Check them out here.

Litecoin Trader review

Litecoin Trader Scam

We are afraid that Tony Davis is a fictitious character. That means he is an imagination of the person who is in charge of this website. There is a video on the homepage where the so-called Mr. Davis is showing himself to his audience in a still picture format. Unfortunately, the picture of this man is a well-known stock photo. That means Davis is not real at all. It should raise a red flag. If they can lie about the owner of Litecoin Trader, then chances are that they lied about other aspects of this software too. You shouldn’t be surprised.

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