LCF Theta Vector Review

LCF Theta Vector is an RSI trading robot by Artur Brud. The owner is based in Poland but for now, if you need to contact support you can message Artur directly via his MQL5 profile.

Note: There are so many things that we usually look for before awarding high ratings to an Expert Advisor. These expert advisors were only rated after considering those parameters. This is the reason they were highly rated.

LCF Theta Vector Review

Investors will get an EA that works based on RSI together with vector algorithm and built-in AUTO_OPTIMIZER module that allows for dynamic adaptation to current market conditions.” Currently, the price for a copy is $450.60 and it trades on multiple Forex pairs including the major Forex pairs and XAUUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, and XAGUSD. The EA is specially designed for the H1 time frame and is capable of keeping trades open for approximately 7 days on average, with 15 trades per week.

The Next Best Platform

Of course, when it comes to cryptocurrency trading and Forex investments, it is always hard to discern whether a solution is authentic or not. Most sound too good to be true and turn out to be scams. That is why I investigate them thoroughly.

Algo Signals is an investment platform presented to us as a quality trading solution. It is one of the latest releases onto the online investment scene and it has a lot to offer including a demo and live account options. The Live account requires you to make a small deposit of $250 so that you have funds at your disposal to make investments with. This is not a payment, using the services of Algo Signals is entirely free of charge. Test it out for free at

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