Hunter Scalper Review

Hunter Scalper is an all in one EA which claims to take advantage of low market volatility periods. The developer of this forex robot is Feng Zhu, a trader located in China that works at “Chengdu.”

Their platform showcase transaction records, but those are all bogus. The account still relatively new, as its first trade took place on October 1, 2018. The returns advertised by them are up to 80% on an IC Markets ECN account, which accounts for a $163 profit on an original balance of $373. The drawdown rate at just 6.6% over the course of 217 different trades.

Trading is undoubtedly an exciting way to earn a living. However, it is not possible to sustain these kind of returns. Before they trick you into purchasing their programme, go through our review wherein we have unraveled all their filthy agendas.

Hunter Scalper Review

There is no major details about their trading strategy. In their sales page, Feng says that the robot uses an advanced algorithm to find the entry points, as well as several additional filters for entering and exiting the market.” Apparently, that is the reason for the success. This narration does not make any sense.

We do not have much grasp about the indicators they consider or the trading approach they use. They do not feature any information regarding the various aspects of trading like risk diversification and money management.

Moreover, Traders are not required to change any settings, and it is a requirement the traders only use one chart and one pair at a time. However, the vendor results is showing multiple charts in over 15 currency pairs in the trading account. It is clear that you will not be running the EA the same way with the vendor. We do not know the right setup to use in order to achieve the vendor results. Basically, there is no credible proof to support any of their claims.

Prices and returns

Forex trading is an exciting opportunities which paves way to make reliable income. Take a look at the prices they advertise, do they look reasonable to you?

The Hunter Scalper EA maximum gain since its first trade is $163 and the vendor finds it so easy to place the license fee at an exorbitant price of $625.

Also, even if a trader wants to purchase the EA on a month by month basis for $62.50, which is relatively high compared to the best robots, it will surely cut into your winnings and defeat your goal of making a reliable income.


The actual setup to replicate the vendor results is an illusion. If they EA actually works, then why is there discrepancy between the recommended setup and that of the vendor? Moreover, they do not have any workable factor on their website.

A vast majority of the expert advisors and reputable services offer demo account. The main reason for doing so, is to make the clients confident and allow them to get familiar with the interface. Since this firm does not do that, on what basis will you trust them?

Hunter Scalper EA Review Conclusion

Hunter Scalper is certainly a fraudulent service. There is no way you can replicate the profit the advertised. Whoever is recommending this service to you wants to ride on your ignorance. Unfortunately, today we are not going to recommend purchasing the Hunter Scalper robot and if you want a good robot, click here.

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