Huber Swiss Crypto Bot Review

Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is unregulated, which is why it is partnering with other unregulated digital investment platforms. For that reason, it will be risky to sign up. This can only lead to future losses if you ignore this advice.

Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is nothing. It’s just an attempt to scam you. Don’t give them any money because the risk of losing it is 100%.

Huber Swiss Crypto Bot review

Huber Swiss Crypto Bot Scam

The webpage where this scam is being hosted at is full of false and misleading claims. Huber is a fictitious character. He is not an engineer or a scientist. That is why there is no information about him online.

The other problem is that Huber Swiss Crypto Bot isn’t licensed yet. It should be able to appear in the FINRA’s list of registered trading products or services. But that has not happened up to now.

Instead, the owners are anonymous and they are also not providing any contact information or address. This is to make them completely anonymous on the internet. Lack of transparency is the number one factor that is making them incompatible with the requirements that regulators have put in place.

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