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Are you searching for the Hourmonitor reviews to find out what is Hourmonitor com, either is Hourmonitor.com money doubler website genuine or fraud? If so, then you have landed in the right place because here, within our Bit masters review, you are going to find out the complete truth about Bitmasters.io which is promising to multiply your capital.

What is Hourmonitor (Hourmonitor.com)? Either is a Hour Monitor scam or legit?

Hourmonitor is a Ponzi scheme which is an illegal and unsustainable scheme, so Hourmonitor.com is a scam. For more details, please continue reading our Hourmonitor review below.

Meanwhile, alternative to this Hourmonitor Scam is the Cryptocurrency Bot.


Hourmonitor.com Review – Honest Scam Investigation

  • Aforementioned, Hourmonitor is a Ponzi scheme which already makes it a scam. Ponzi scheme is neither a sustainable nor a legal business. Legal authorities have already issued lots of warnings to stay away from Ponzi schemes like Hormonitor.com. It is a crime to involve in Ponzi schemes.
  • We can confirm that Hormonitor.com is a Ponzi scheme because there is not any verifiable source of income coming into Hormonitor.com other than the money invested by its members. It claims to pay up to 150% profit in 24hours on the investment amount of members by investing in trading market but fails to provide the proof to support that claim. It is unable to show the proof of its so-called investment in cryptocurrency exchange and trading market. On top of that, none of the experts in the cryptocurrency field can guarantee exact 150% profit in a day. Online trading is very risky and there is no way anyone can guarantee for only profit and that is also such a high profit like 150%/daily. So, the business claim made by Hourmonitor itself proves it is lying about its business. So, Hormonitor is a Ponzi scheme because it doesn’t have any real source of income and only routing the money between the members in order to pay the few members.
  • Classical Ponzi schemes like Hourmonitor attract people by showing them real payment proofs which they get by paying few members at starting. However, they pay a few members only to show the payment proofs so that they can lure more people into their scheme. When they realize they have collected enough fund, they will just stop paying and run away with the money of the majority of the members.
  • It claims it is a regstered company through the UK Companies House. However, that is not a big deal. In the past, many Ponzi schemes had already scammed lots of people who were registered from the UK Companies House. Actually, that registration is not a license to run an investment company like Hourmonitor, instead, that is a registration for the tax purpose which anyone can register very easily. Most of the scam companies are found to be registering from the UK Companies House by providing virtual address and third-party identities. On top of that, there is not any proof which proves Hourmonitor is registered.
  • It has provided its company’s address as 120 Bedford Row, London, United Kingdom, WC1R 4JS, when we searched online, we didn’t find any company with name Hourmonitor on that address. So, this proves Crypto Trust has lied about its company’s address.

Since now it is clear that Hourmonitor is a scam, so we have blacklisted the Hourmonitor website.

How to identify the Ponzi Scheme by yourself?

It’s very simple. Whenever you find out some companies which are offering the very high rate of return on your investment amount which is too good to be true, then you must know that is actually not true.

You can think generally. If some company can offer the huge rate of return such as 0.5% or more daily profit, 110% return or more within a month and so on then you must think why that company is asking you to invest in their project and paying you such a high rate of return instead of taking a loan from a bank in much lower rate to invest in their project.

Everyone can take a loan from a bank at the rate less than 1% monthly interest rate, if not a business loan, then at least can take a personal loan. So, why any company or person will like to pay more interest rate by collecting the investment from several people instead of paying very much less interest rate in the bank. So, the Ponzi Scheme always fails to pass this logic test. If you do this logic test, then you can spot out every Ponzi Schemes by yourself.

About Hourmonitor

Hourmonitor is an online investment programe that promises 6.5%, 15% and 20% hourly return on deposit. It allegedly investment funds on crypto trading. There is no information on who owns and where they operate Hourmonitor from. Support email is at [email protected]. Payment method includes bitcoin, perfect money and payeer.


Whatever Ponzi schemes claim, they never have been doing any businesses to generate the real profit. They only pay few members at starting by routing the money between the members, means by paying one member by using the money of another member. Actually, their intention is to scam people but also they pay few members at starting so that they can show the payment proofs and lure more people into their scam. Innocent people always fall into their claims and payment proofs and only find out they have been scammed when these Ponzi schemes either stop paying or completely shut down. That’s why legal authorities have warned people not to join Ponzi Schemes and have marked all Ponzi Schemes as an illegal scheme. Involving with Ponzi Scheme is a crime.

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