Hourlylnc Review

Hourlylnc is a scam that has nothing to do with real trading, stay away from it! Scams promise fixed returns in trading. Furthermore, this one has introduced a stranger and called it an investment in scientific research. To add more problems to the equation, the scam website is not even registered with the regulators. They have no license for conducting investment operations on behalf of their clients. We can definitely say that Hourlylnc is a scam.

The question is, even if this platform was legitimately investing in scientific research, do you honestly believe that it can generate 192% per month as a return on investment and that this figure is always fixed at that ROI? Is it realistic and sustainable? For us, this is quite suspicious. These plans make Hourlylnc sound like a Ponzi scam. For us to prove that, we need to highlight certain facts about the program. But definitely, it sounds like a place where people can lose their money.

hourlyinc Review

Hourlylnc Review

There is no stable financial growth with this website either. It looks too suspicious to offer us any returns. Returns range from 1.1%-8% per hour. They are focusing on short-duration investment plans which last up to 30 hours. By doing so, HourlyInc hopes to persuade you to take part in this project which will obviously result in a big loss for you.

We, therefore, think that Hourlylnc is a highly suspicious project which is likely to cause losses if investors are tricked into pouring a lot of money into the project. Because of this, we want to warn investors in this review not to trust this non-transparent website.

Hourlylnc Scam

The owner of Hourlync is 100% anonymous, and their operations with regard to trading and investing are equally a grey area.

As to whether or not this site will generate revenue, we can assure you that the only verifiable source of potential income is in their 3% referral program. The allegations that this site invests in research can’t be proved. If anything, we have only found more concrete proof that this site does not own or have any research institute. So it is obvious that they can’t invest even if they wanted to.

Verdict: Hourlylnc is a scam

So far, this is intentional. It is a lie that all Ponzi scams tell. They pretend that they are doing investment services when they are only depending on new deposits to make payouts. In the worst case scenario, a scam Ponzi scheme like Hourlylnc will not even make payouts at all. Not very many Ponzi scams are paying.

Hourlylnc Review Conclusion

Hourlylnc operates like a trust fund because members are required to put funds into a commonplace with the promise that they will be invested. This suggests that Hourlylnc is operating like a hedge or trust fund. This sort of business needs a license.

So far, the website of Hourlylnc has no information pertaining to their license from any regulator who is based in the region where they operate from.

In other words, this website is an illegal operation that is trying to lure people into scam investing when at the same time operating in jurisdictions where this kind of activity is highly regulated. Now, this is a huge red flag that you must never avoid. See a real trading platform.

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