HaasBot Review

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to be scammed. The HaasBot red flags are crystal clear, and cannot be confused for green flags.

It is not safe to blindly trust promises like these. They are unrealistic, irrational and typical of what scammers can say.

HaasBot does not provide proof of performance. This does not bother them because it’s part of the game. Letting out their performance stats would easy jeopardize their chances of successfully hiding them things get hot in the kitchen.

There is no way to confirm the authenticity of the promises which they are making even as they hide their result.

With this one, we don’t even think that you should waste your time consulting what folks are saying on popular investment forums.

haasbot review

HaasBot Scam

We have taken time to go through some user feedback about the Haasbot software. One of the concerns from people like us who are skeptic is that this robot could be having a trojan or virus installed in its script which automatically steals your Bitcoin.

For that reason, a number of users have asked the developer to give a copy of the script for inspection. Apparently, this is something they have not done because they are claiming it could result in malicious people stealing the robot’s code.

Another concern here is that, after the developer has done all the marketing and explanations, they are stating that traders should buy this robot for 0.6 BTC based on trust.

The question is, can you trust people online for simply being too good at marketing?

If someone gave you a good explanation on what they are offering, you would buy the product if you only got convinced of the fact that they are selling a good software.

In this case, the developer of Haasbot is only saying that trust should be cultivated among potential buyers in order to see that this project is a success.

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