GunBot Review

If you want to trade altcoins, we have compiled a list of trading robots here. You can make use of that list to find a good robot for your trading.

The way we see it is that GunBot is just a collection of trading indicators, just in the same way some poorly-designed Forex robots are made. They collect a variety of indicators, then create them into one product.

With Gunbot, there is a variety of trading indicators incorporated into its algorithm. These include MACD, Bollinger Bands, PingPong, Step Gain, Super Gun and 1000Trades. We have no idea what these trading indicators do since we have never heard of these trading indicators before (with the exception of Bollinger bands and MACD).

The creator of this system claims that he is using BB strategy as he has found it to be the most profitable. But at the same time, he is claiming that users can mix and match their own strategies depending on their needs and exchanges which they are using to trade Cryptocurrencies.

The owner claims that this is a situation where traders will have the privilege to buy with BB strategy and sell with Ping Pong or Buy with Ping Pong and sell with Step Gain.

It must be noted that these are mere jargon, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you could easily lose money with this robot.

The point is, up to now, we have not seen any significant or unique indicator/strategy that this robot is using. Moreover, there are hints that GunBot was designed for expert traders only. That means newbies cannot make money with this robot at all.

Fortunately, we have prepared good robots for trading Cryptocurrencies regardless of your experience. Those roots can be found here.

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