Goldify EA Review

In this review, we show that the Goldify EA is an untrustworthy Forex robot with a risky approach. We will first look at the features of this robot before analyzing the main factors that make it unreliable.

Goldify EA Review

Goldify EA is a Forex robot developed by the MAKA Assistant team. It was designed for the XAUUSD to gain 20% to 38% monthly profit with an 84% win rate.

The EA was designed with Fixed lot size and auto money management technique.

This FX EA is sold for $198. It comes with two license keys for lifetime use, lifetime support, and a full user guide. There is also a 14 days refund policy.

The developer claims that the Goldify EA uses an advanced security option that guarantees your balance. It works with a forced exit parameter that will make the chance of the account blowing 0%. But is it reliable, can you trust Goldify Forex robot?

Goldify EA Review

Goldify EA Strategy

The developer wants us to know that the robot is not integrated with the martingale method for trading strategy. The EA works using 2 private indicators that are based on trend and price action patterns. This means it uses different confirmations to take a trade. For this reason, they believe that it will maintain a very high win rate.


According to the developer, this EA was designed with advanced security parameters. The default settings are for the XAUUSD pair using the M15 timeframe. The robot comes with both auto lot management and manual fixed lot size. The spread control limit option is also present.


The EA recommends a standard or ECN account type. The allowed minimum balance is $100 and the recommended leverage is 1:100 on the default input settings. It’s important to use a broker with low fees, low swap, and also a high-speed server. For that reason, they are recommending the OpoForex brokerage platform.

EA Breakdown

  • Goldify EA is a Forex robot for the MT4 platform
  • It works for the XAUUSD pair only.
  • Makes use of a smart news filter
  • Recommended timeframe is M15
  • Costs $198

Goldify EA Result

A backtesting report for this robot is present on their site. Here are screenshots of the report.

Goldify EA backtest

The latest backtest was started in January and ended in August this year. The report claims a total of 182% profits with a 17% drawdown.

While the profits look good, we need to remember that the test was based on historical data and hence cannot be used to predict future performance.

We know that it is something some traders don’t want to hear, but backtesting result alone is not reliable. And when you compare the backtesting results with a real performance result on a third-party site like or FXBlue, you can quickly see what you are dealing with.

99% of backtesting reports that we have seen and reviewed were manipulated and made to appear profitable.

Verified Result

The vendor provided a real account with 1:100 leverage on the OpoForex MT4 platform. The total gain is +30.95%. Monthly gain is just 12.90% while drawdown is very high at 32.89%. The EA shows a win rate of 75%.

Goldify EA Result1

This account was opened just September this year and so far it has completed over 189 trades.

Goldify EA Result2

The best trade was $17.17 while the worst trade was -$-14.68. An average trade length was 19 hours. The profit factor was 2.94.

Drawdown is high and unacceptable at the moment which depicts a risky trading approach. The monthly gain and win rate are below what is promised by the robot. We needed just a quick look to immediately see that Goldify EA is a scam.


Goldify EA presentation reveals important downsides that make the system untrustworthy.

While the backtesting report on their site reveals appreciable profits, it does not match the results from the real trading accounts. This raises a serious red flag for this robot.

Furthermore, the verified result shows a high drawdown indicating a risky approach. It is not possible to recommend this EA.

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Goldify Expert Advisor


Trading Result











  • myfxbook result
  • Installation guide
  • Fair pricing
  • Recommendations


  • High drawdown
  • Poor strategy insight
  • Risky strategy
  • Poor transparency
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