Golden Ticket EA Review

Golden Ticket EA claims to be a trading system designed for XAUUSD (Gold). It employs machine learning to identify price patterns and utilizes a grid-based money management system. While it may sound promising, there are several significant issues and concerns that potential buyers should be aware of.

Golden Ticket MT5 EA

Golden Ticket EA Review

Golden Ticket is marketed as a Forex expert advisor specifically designed for XAUUSD (Gold) trading. It supposedly employs a machine learning process involving interconnected nodes or neurons in a layered structure to identify repetitive price patterns. The EA is also associated with the recently launched Aussie Victor EA. However, this connection raises some concerns about the originality and authenticity of Golden Ticket.

Golden Ticket Testing

The EA boasts several features, including a grid-based money management system for cost averaging into positions, a stop-loss function to limit drawdown, and a news filter to avoid trading during volatile market times. It adapts its grid to market volatility and claims to be insensitive to spread and slippage. The minimum account balance required is $1000 with 1:500 leverage, but users with less capital can use a cent account with a $10 starting balance.

Golden Ticket Trading Strategy

Golden Ticket’s primary trading strategy relies on grid-based money management, which can be characterized as a “high risk/high reward” approach. It averages into positions and aims to close all positions at a net profit.

Golden Ticket Strategy Tester
Golden Ticket Strategy Tester

While this strategy can yield substantial gains, it also comes with significant risks. The EA seems to prioritize profitability over risk management, which could be concerning for conservative traders.


  1. Provides a stop-loss function to limit drawdown.
  2. Incorporates a news filter to avoid trading during high market volatility.
  3. Claims to adapt to market volatility.
  4. Compatible with cent accounts for users with limited capital.


  1. The price increases by $50 after every 5 copies sold, making it expensive for late buyers, with a final price of $5,000.
  2. The grid-based money management strategy is inherently risky.
  3. While the trade engine has passed stress tests, grid-based strategies remain risky.
  4. It may not be suitable for traders with lower account balances (minimum $1,000 with 1:500 leverage).
  5. The testing process for the EA is complex and requires specific set files.


Golden Ticket EA by Jesper Christensen comes with significant risks due to its grid-based money management strategy. While it offers features like a stop-loss function and news filtering, its high price and the complexity of its testing process make it less attractive for many traders. Potential buyers should carefully consider whether they are willing to take on the inherent risks associated with this EA.

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