Gold Eagle EA Review

Gold Eagle EA positions itself as a swing trading strategy designed for flat markets, with a primary focus on the XAUUSD (GOLD) pair. The EA utilizes the TrendLine PRO indicator for its trading signals.

Gold Eagle EA MT4

About Gold Eagle EA

Gold Eagle is categorized as a trend scalping EA, initiating the first order based on signals from the TrendLine PRO indicator. It features a take profit (TP) mechanism and an automatic order to average TP if the price retraces. Additionally, the trading panel enables manual order placement.


  • Trading Panel: Allows manual trading, which is automatically managed and closed by the EA.
  • Compatibility: Claims compatibility with other EAs and trading systems.
  • Automation: Purportedly trades almost daily.
  • News Filter: Provides an option to pause trading during significant news releases.
  • Higher Time Frame Filters: Utilized to filter strong trend fluctuations.
  • Internet Connection and VPS: Requires a continuous internet connection and VPS for optimal performance.
  • Broker Recommendations: Advises using brokers with low spreads, hedge accounts, and leverage of 1:200 or more.
  • Minimum Deposit: Recommends a minimum deposit of $1,000 or cents for cent (micro) accounts.

Trading Strategy

Gold Eagle employs a trend scalping strategy using the TrendLine PRO indicator. Risk management includes a news filter, higher time frame filters, and general advice on money management and risk hedging.

Gold Eagle Interface

Gold Eagle Expert Advisor


  1. Regular Trading Activity: Claims to engage in trading almost every day.
  2. Compatibility: Suggests compatibility with other Expert Advisors and trading systems.
  3. Manual Trading Integration: Allows manual order placement, which is managed automatically.
  4. News Filter: Offers the option to pause trading during important news releases.


  1. Specific Broker Recommendations: Advises using specific brokers, potentially limiting user flexibility.
  2. Minimum Deposit Requirement: Recommends a minimum deposit of $1,000, which may not suit all traders.

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Gold Eagle EA presents itself as a swing trading solution with a range of features. While it claims regular trading activity and compatibility, users should consider potential drawbacks, such as internet dependency and specific broker recommendations.

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