Gold Dragon AI EA Review

The Gold Dragon AI EA presents itself as a unique Expert Advisor developed with the power of OpenAI’s Artificial Intelligence. The EA claims to utilize a specialized trading strategy that capitalizes on the volatility of the gold market. With a promising track record and impressive income figures, the Gold Dragon AI EA is positioned as an attractive option for traders seeking automated trading solutions.

Gold Dragon AI Expert Advisor (EA)

Gold Dragon AI EA Review

The Gold Dragon AI EA, developed by Evgenii Aksenov, is a limited edition Expert Advisor driven by OpenAI’s AI technology, tailored to capitalize on the high volatility of the gold market. Its historical performance, claiming over 980% income since 2021 without any unprofitable months, is impressive, but its efficacy in varying market conditions remains to be fully proven.


The Gold Dragon AI EA offers several notable features that set it apart:

  1. AI-Powered Strategy: The Expert Advisor is built upon advanced artificial intelligence, which indicates an innovative and intelligent approach to trading.
  2. Proven Performance: The trading strategy has reportedly been tested since 2021, and the claim of not having a single unprofitable month is a significant indicator of the EA’s potential success.
  3. Impressive ROI: The founder’s account history showcases a remarkable performance, where a $10,000 initial investment has yielded over 980% income, along with substantial withdrawal amounts.
  4. Limited Availability: The EA is positioned as a limited edition, suggesting exclusivity for regular customers. This scarcity-driven marketing approach may attract traders looking for unique opportunities.
  5. Volatility Advantage: The EA’s focus on capitalizing on the high volatility of the gold market is presented as a strength, potentially aligning with the market’s inherent price swings.

Trading Strategy

The Gold Dragon AI EA’s trading strategy is centered around the high volatility of the gold market. The use of artificial intelligence adds complexity and adaptability to the strategy, aiming to make informed trading decisions in response to market movements. The AI’s ability to process large amounts of data and adjust its approach accordingly could potentially lead to more accurate predictions and timely execution of trades.

Gold Dragon AI Myfxbook


The Gold Dragon AI EA presents several benefits that could appeal to traders:

  1. Impressive Historical Performance: The reported historical performance of generating over 980% income since October 2021 with no unprofitable months is undoubtedly a compelling point in favor of the EA’s effectiveness.
  2. AI Advantage: The utilization of AI technology indicates a forward-looking approach, potentially enhancing the EA’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions.
  3. Limited Edition: The limited availability of the EA may attract traders who value exclusivity and early access to potentially profitable trading solutions.
  4. Verified Results: The ability to verify real transactions through platforms like MQL5 and myfxbook adds transparency and credibility to the EA’s claims.


The Gold Dragon AI EA offers an intriguing blend of AI technology and a trading strategy designed to exploit gold market volatility. With a track record of impressive historical performance and verified results, the EA appears to hold promise for traders seeking automated trading solutions. However, potential users should carefully consider the limited historical data, market dependency, and the pricing structure before making an investment decision. As with any trading tool, thorough research, due diligence, and consideration of personal risk tolerance are crucial steps to take before integrating the Gold Dragon AI EA into a trading strategy.

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