Global Mine Online

Global Mine Online is a manipulative approach to swindle innocent investors of their hard-earned money. To make it look as if they won’t scam you, they’ve come up with all these tactics to ensure that when you have purchased them, you will not complain later on that you got scammed. Keep off. and read this post about legitimate trading platform.

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Global Mine Online Scam

If we start going through the list of red flags, we won’t finish mentioning all the signs that make Global Mine Online a scam.

The biggest sign that this is a scam is the promised returns which the world has never seen or heard of.

This company claims that you can earn 10% daily returns for the next 7 days. We can only laugh at these returns because they are ridiculous, funny and not convincing. We have never heard of any legitimate fund management company giving 10% daily returns. So this is definitely a big lie and a scam.

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