Glencore Capital Invest Review

Glencore Capital Invest is said to be a financial expert company for creating profitable bitcoin investment solutions. Without reading an honest Glencore Capital Invest review, you will think that the company is a lifetime opportunity. Actually, the Glencore Capital Invest is not a unique company, it is an illegal copy of a legit and well established company called Glencore Plc.

Glencore Capital Invest Review

Looking at how they run their business, we’re 100% certain that Glencore Capital Invest is a scam. Ivan Glasenberg is the CEO of the original Glencore Plc, and to make things worst, scammers are doing everything possible to make it look like Ivan Glasenberg is behind the Glencore Capital Invest scam. In the actual sense, Glencore Plc and their CEO, Ivan Glasenberg are not connected in whatsoever with Glencore Capital Invest.

All of these are red flags that should be taken seriously. If you’d like to invest in any kind of trading, check out this page because we’re recommending the best trading systems for those who want to automate their trading.

Glencore Capital Invest

Glencore Capital Invest is peddling an income earning opportunity where they claim to provide a digital Crypto currency investment system. Glencore Capital Invest proclaims to be generating revenue from bitcoin trading and mining. The website’s marketing materials even claim that Glencore Capital Invest is already becoming the Switzerland’s fastest growing bitcoin trading company.

Glencore Capital Investment Company

The first problem that we have with this website is that it is an illegal clone of a legit site called Glencore. Also, the contact and ownership details were also copied from the original site.

The second thing we see with this website is that we have no idea whether they’re a licensed company or not. And even if they were regulated, we believe they would still scam you because websites similar to Glencore Capital Invest don’t always comply with regulatory standards.

Glencore Capital Invest Scam

If you want to be sure that the company you’re dealing with is not scam, look for the CEO of the company and their background. Make sure that the company in question is registered and regulated because all financial investment companies are required to obtain a license in the jurisdiction where they operate from.

Glencore Capital Invest does not have a license and ownership information was cloned from another website.

Trading Results

Glencore Capital Invest claims to offer bitcoin trading services across multiple exchanges. In this case, they should be proudly displaying their trading history on their website.

Glencore Capital Investment Scam

We’re not just going to assume that Glencore Capital Invest is trading profitably when we have not seen proof of any trading activity, let alone profitable trading. This is not inspiring and we believe it could be a risky service to use.

Since they’re claiming to offer a financial investment service yet they operate without a license, there’s a risk of these fraudsters running away with your money.

You cannot trust them with your hard earned money unless you want to suffer disappointments.


Glencore Capital Invest is a very dangerous Crypto scam. All evidence point to the fact that it is a scam operated by anonymous people who can sell you what does not exist.

There’s no bitcoin trading and no Crypto mining is going on whatsoever. This kind of thing is meant to fleece the financially naive because you really can’t miss the red flag.

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