Genios Club MLM Review

Genios Club is an entity shrouded in mystery that presents itself as a “100% decentralized solidarity matrix.” However, the lack of transparency regarding ownership and its association with Ponzi schemes raises significant concerns. Unraveling the intricacies of Genios Club’s operations reveals a narrative eerily similar to its predecessors, signaling potential pitfalls for unsuspecting investors.

Genios Club MLM

Should you trust Genios Club?

Genios Club, with its name translating to “genius” in Spanish, operates within the murky realm of MLM cycler Ponzis. The absence of identifiable leaders and a checkered history, including ties to previous Ponzi schemes like Generation Zoe and Forsage, raises red flags about the legitimacy of its business model.

The driving force behind Genios Club is Wilson Acero, a figure previously associated with cycler Ponzis, indicating a pattern of recurrent schemes.

Business Model

Genios Club’s business model revolves around matrix cycler positions, employing 3×2 and 3×5 matrices. Affiliates invest in these matrices with 5 DAI, split into two 2.5 DAI payments. The eight-tiered G3x2 and G3x5 cyclers form the convoluted structure through which affiliates navigate, investing in the hope of returns.


Alarming as it may be, Genios Club lacks any tangible retail products or services. Affiliates are restricted to marketing Genios Club memberships, reinforcing concerns about the sustainability and ethicality of the operation.

Genios Club MLM

Investors in Genios Club embark on a complex journey through multiple tiers, hoping for returns that seem astronomically lucrative on paper. The potential for a 4,762,215 DAI ROI from a mere 5 DAI investment is staggering, although the practicality of achieving such returns raises skepticism.

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In reality, Genios Club’s claim of being a “genius” in the MLM arena falls flat. The business model closely mirrors the pattern of Ponzi schemes, with Wilson Acero steering a course reminiscent of previous ventures. The prospect of substantial returns is overshadowed by the inherent risk of financial loss for the majority of investors.

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