FXPro Dragon EA Review

FXPro Dragon is a Forex expert advisor that allows trading with several EAs at the same time. Their website claims that the algorithm ‘BEST Forex EA FxPro Dragon’ is so unique that the EA can easily work on many currency pairs.

According to marketing materials on the FXPro Dragon website, the EA does not open orders all the time, it awaits the best moment to enter the market.

FXPro Dragon Review

No disclosure of company or website operators was mentioned. In fact, FXPro Dragon is operated by people who are 100% anonymous.

Unless we spend time investigating the owners, we can’t establish who is behind this website or what their trading experience is.

It is also not clear from the word go what kind of trading strategy this expert advisor is using. We’re not sure whether it’s based on scalping or the martingale method.

Before you even think of patronizing this vendor, we ask you to spare 3 minutes and read this FXPro Dragon review.

FXPro Dragon Review

FXPro Dragon claims that their automated trading system works as a single system on the account and in combination with any other EA.

According to the sales page, the robot does not open orders all the time, it awaits the best moment to enter the market.

The vendor claims that ”There Is Plenty Of Money To Be Made Trading Forex If You Have The Right Trading Tools”.

The FXPro Dragon EA has an Easy-to-Use installer and adapts with 4-digits brokers with benefits.

FXPro Dragon EA Review

The robot comes with 2 pricing models – a standard (1 real, 1 demo) lifetime access that costs $129 and a premium (3 real, 3 demos) lifetime access that costs $169. Both packages come with 24/5 support and free updates.

FXPro Dragon Strategy

We see that the sales page of the FXPro Dragon EA is devoid of useful information pertaining to how the software works and the strategy it inputs. They only claim that it is an automated ”Forex strategy and programmed analytical system that allows you to sit back, relax and simply watch the FX Trading Signals do its trick”.

How do we believe that FXPro Dragon is being honest with their EA quality? In fact, we feel that this vendor is not serious when compared to what you will see in our latest updates of the Best Forex EA.

Anonymous vendor

Neither owners nor country of operation was disclosed on this website. FXPro Dragon is basically looking for gullible traders who don’t notice these telltale signs.

In as much as you’re not buying this trading system at a high price tag, you are entitling the robot to trade your funds with any 4-digit broker of your choice.

Now that ownership information has not been disclosed, it is safe to assume that the owner of FXPro Dragon thrives by hiding their ID.

This is yet a serious red flag. We ask you to avoid such trading vendors and their systems because they’re selling a pipe dream.

Trading Reviews

We love reading feedback just to see how good or bad a trading system is for real users. The problem with FXPro Dragon is that it is a brand new Forex expert advisor and secondly, nobody seems to be using it.

FXPro Dragon trading reviews

We don’t feel confident recommending a trading system that does not have any feedback from real users.


The FXPro Dragon’s sales pitch is not convincing enough. They make it look like the EA profits are guaranteed when in fact this is a basic buy and sell indicator with automation capabilities. Just like some poorly rated EAs, this one does not provide a trading strategy insight.

We don’t want to give them the benefit of the doubt because it is obvious that the vendor has little or no experience in the marketplace because they have failed to put up adequate facts as to why we should consider them as the best Forex EA. We ask you to keep off.

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FXPro Dragon


Trading Result











  • FXblue Account
  • Average cost


  • Poor strategy insight
  • No myfxbook account
  • Anonymous vendor
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