FXDC Hedger EA Review (FX Deal Club)

FX Deal Club is a forex vendor that claims to have more than 19 years of combined financial expertise. The FXDC Hedger EA is a Forex expert advisor developed for the MT4 trading terminal. FXDC is owned and operated by the  FX Deal Club Pvt Ltd located at MS Tower, Business Bay, Dubai. United Arab Emirates.

We generally feel safer trading and investing with reliable service providers or at least the Best Forex Robot with a reliable track record.

Currently, they are offering a managed account service together with the Hedger expert advisor. The minimum deposit recommended for any of their services is $1000.

The developer claims that their Forex expert advisor is able to generate ”daily 10% and above profits”.

The question is whether you will risk your deposit using this Forex EA or any of their services.

FX Deal Club Review

The website of this Forex developer and manager can be accessed through fxdealclub.com.

This vendor wants traders to know that they provide a ”reliable service with no hidden aspects and no misleading information”, and their ”goal is to generate safe, secure and consistent return on investments for all our clients”.

Overall the website comes across as quite professional, as the vendor was able to pass their message clearly without mincing words. This is unlike the common scenario where vendors make big claims but fail to pass their message clearly, like what we saw in our review of Dragon Expert.

However, we wished the developer was more transparent with their names and trading experience since they initially claimed to have more than 19 years of professional trading expertise.

FXDC Hedger EA

The developer describes this system as a 100% adaptive expert advisor based on price movement and Support and Resistance levels. It is a combination of simple settings and powerful trading techniques.

FXDC Hedger EA Review

In addition to this, users should sit back knowing that Hedger EA will place hedging trades automatically and protect their account from high drawdowns.

The robot works on EURJPY pair only and the developer recommends 1hr timeframe and $1000 deposit though it can also work with $100. FXDC recommends trading leverage of 1:400 or more.

The robot costs $499 and it allows for unlimited account usage, 24/7 support, and free updates.

We appreciate these details very much but the developer didn’t actually go into details on how the robot works.

We would also want to know whether this system recommends leverage of 1:400 strictly or not.

Currently, the developer says the robot “works on all brokers”, but we are sure that not all brokers will allow for leverage of 1:400 or more. Most regulated brokers in Europe, the USA, and Japan have leverages restricted below the FXDC Hedger EA recommended leverages.

This is where the confusion is coming from.

Trading Result

This vendor does not have a track record at the moment so we expected them to provide the public with a link to their Myfxbook.com account.

They also claimed that the Hedger EA has the potential to make daily 10% and above profits. We were hoping to see a vendor account showing the alleged profit. Unfortunately, this is not the case. They do not have anything to back their claims of profitability. There is no myfxbook.com or FXblue account to track results.

Their backtesting screenshots were less useful because there is no way to verify the alleged profits.

FXDC Hedger EA Result

We hope that this is something that Hedger EA will be addressing in the future so we can go back and review them afresh.


We are not going to recommend this EA at this time even if it’s for free considering that you will still use money to open a live account with either of their services.

This is because the trading strategy is not clear yet and genuine results are nowhere to be found. Even more, the expert advisor is priced way above average in the market, and their corporate details and experience are sparse.

We wish to revisit this review in the future if the developer resolves these things in their marketing.

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FXDC Hedger EA


Trading Result











  • Professional website
  • Recommended settings
  • Metatrader4 EA


  • No verified result
  • Sparse strategy details
  • High price
  • No vendor experience
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