FX Mode Review

FX Mode is an automated trading robot created by someone called David Vlas and Kirill Radkovich. They claim that members of the FXMode are ”Making $34k Passively Using “AI Automation” The First Day”. A review of FX Mode is easy because we normally do a simple test to know whether an automated system is legitimate trading software or not.

FX Mode Review

As it stands, we don’t know the details of any of their membership account such as minimum deposit, risk settings, and method of trading. Furthermore, we would like the team to provide verifiable results clearly showing this robot making a $34K profit in a day. So in this review, we want to see whether or not this robot will find a place in our list of the best Forex robots services.

FX Mode Review

To make consistent profit trading Forex, this vendor feels that traders should invest in the FX Mode automated trading software. The reason they believe traders will get the best results is that the robot ”automate the same key strategies we use to stay consistent for over 11 years”. For example, you don’t need to learn Forex from scratch; skip the years of learning and get the exact same knowledge they gained over the last 7 years in 10 minutes.

FX Mode Robot Review

In addition to this, the vendors have provided a handful of screenshots showing supposed trade results for pairs that were tested and profits generated. My problem with these results is that we can’t know whether the vendor was cherry-picking trades for the purposes of marketing the product.

FX Mode Strategy

There is no disclosure of what type of strategy is being used in this Forex robot. Instead, the team uses vague language such as “Fully Automated using our years of experience analysis” to express what they feel about their product. They go ahead to list down a couple of benefits that come with the subscription of this bot.

FX Mode Strategy

We’re hoping that the vendor will probably think about incorporating a detailed explanation of the trading algorithm and methodology for picking profitable trades because it’s obvious the current sales page needs to be updated as soon as possible.

FX Mode Result

Trading results are lackluster as the vendor is not making use of Myfxbook statement-sharing platform to verify their result statistics. Currently, they are using a combination of charts and a screenshot of a brokerage trading statement.

FX Mode Result

Again, this takes us to our original concern where we feared that David Vlas and his team had cherry-picked trades for purposes of marketing. A Myfxbook account would have impacted the reputation of this product from the word go.


We obviously can’t recommend the FX Mode software for trading because the presentation is lacking in terms of verified results. We also don’t have any credible customer feedback just yet. We cannot fully rely on David Vlas and Co because in this Forex marketplace, vendors promise great results but their products are often performing poorly.

Finally, if you’ve used this product already, leave your comments below so that others can read them.

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