FX Master Gold Review (Copy Trading Strategy)

FX Master Gold is a copy trading strategy for the safe-haven pair on the Forex market, XAUUSD (Gold). This automatic copy trading strategy will allow you to follow all their Gold trades without having to open or close trades yourself. The FX Master Gold team recommends that you use Absolute Markets brokerage for good results. A minimum balance of $300 is enough to get your account ready.

FX Master Gold Review

Nothing is said about the people behind this FX Master Gold strategy. There is no mention of names, location or  trading experience of the people that generate these gold trade signals. FX Master Gold is said to be comprised of a team of 4 traders with more than 15 years of experience trading in the Forex market. The total anonymity of this magnitude makes us doubt the transparency of this service.

FX Master Gold Review

The FX Master service for Gold trading does not have any backtesting or live trading statistics. The former helps us to know the past performance of the strategy, while the latter one is for future performance of the services.

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FX Master Gold Scam

So, it is impossible to know how this Master Gold strategy performed in previous market condition and how it will perform in current market dynamics.

Trading Strategy

Nothing is said about the actual trading strategy that this Master Gold team uses to make signals. Signals are generated by real humans not robots. Their Master gold traders use safe and intraday trading style. The service is defined by the following features:

  • Automatic Copy-Trading
  • It has a weekly target of 15%
  • Minimum Deposit required is $300​
  • 20% profit sharing system auto deducted weekly
  • You should expect 2-8 daily Gold trades
  • It makes use of 1:1 RR, TP/SL On Each Trades
  • You don’t need any VPS/computer
  • We may monitor everything on Metatrader4.

FX Master Gold Broker

To get started, you must open account with their recommended broker, verify your account and deposit a minimum required deposit of $300. After making a deposit you will need to send a mail to your broker telling them to link your MT4 account to the FX Master Gold strategy. When this is done, you may start seeing live trades from the FX Master Gold account directly to your MT4 trading terminal.

FX Master Gold Results

There are no trading results for this master gold copy trading strategy. According to the team, The target is to reach at least 15% of profit every week. Unfortunately, the team fails to provide any verified trading statistics to back-up their claim. The post result samples on telegram showing the symbol traded, direction of trade and number of pips won. No one can verify the authenticity of these result sample.

FX Master Gold Result

Lack of transparency is evident here as the service fails to use the services of 3rd party performance tracking website like myfxbook.com or FXBlue to show result stats. Backtesting report is also absent. There is no way we can verify the profitability of this service.

FX Master Gold Review Conclusion

FX Master Gold is an automatic copy trading strategy that works with 20% profit sharing system. You must open account and deposit with their recommended broker before they will link you to the master account and receive signals.

The absence of live trading result sample is a matter of great concern. Notwithstanding, the total anonymity and lack of strategy explanation. FX Master Gold is a threat to your deposit.

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FX Master Gold Strategy


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  • Manual signals


  • Poor strategy insight
  • No verified result
  • No free demo
  • No live accounts
  • Anonymous team

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