Forexia Pro Review

Today I’m looking at a collection of services by the Forex Investors Alliance, often referred to as Forexia Pro. This development team provides traders with expert advisors, trading signals, and an advanced training course that currently consists of 4 topics. With the growing awareness for some of these services, I feel it’s important that we take a closer look and review exactly what they are providing to the community.

There doesn’t seem to be much information about the creators of the service on the website, but in doing further research, I found the Facebook account of the owner Dylan Shilts. According to his profile, he is from Plymouth, Wisconsin, and went to school for Hypnotherapy & NLP at Universidad de Costa Rica. I’m not sure how Dylan jumped from hypnotherapy to Forex trading, but it’s certainly an interesting path and one that I haven’t seen before. To get in touch with support, traders can go to

Forexia Pro Review

Under the Forex Investors Alliance brand, there are multiple services. I’ll start by looking at the Forexia Pro paid signals. There are currently 3 options available to the community, a monthly subscription at $75 a month, a yearly subscription at $750 a year, or unlimited access which gives traders a lifetime subscription to the signals for a one-time payment of $1450. Outside of the prices, there is very little information provided about the signal service. We are told that we gain access to the signals channel, and the pro-chat room and receive one of their expert advisors as a bonus, but there’s really no explanation as to why we should sign up with the signals. All we are told is that we can “receive an average of about 6 to 8 high-quality signals per week.”

We should be told what type of strategy is being used, how we should be approaching these signals, and what type of experience the trader providing the signals has in the Forex marketplace. If you are interested in the Forex signals service, then I would recommend that you sign up with the Forex Investors Alliance free Forex signals. It’s possible that this experience will provide traders with the information required in order to successfully transition into the paid service.


  • Type: Signals, EAs, Education
  • Price: $75-$1500
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Multiple
  • Pairs: Any

There are quite a few services here, so the price range really depends on what you’re trying to sign up with. The educational course is being sold for $750 and the expert advisors are $300 and $350. None of the systems in the Forex Investors Alliance come cheap.

Forexia Pro EA’s

There are currently 4 expert advisors offered by the Forexia Pro developers. The Fractal Matix, the Fractcal Scalper, Bitrix Bitcoin, and the Turtle EA by Zooky. When you click on these expert advisors on the sales page, you are taken to a single page with a few lines about EA. I’m not sure why, but currently, the Turtle EA and Bitrix Bitcoin systems aren’t available for purchase.

As for the other 2 systems, much like the signal services, the vendor provides us with very little information about the systems. We are told that the Fractal Scalper earns 3% to 30% per day and works best with USD-based pairs on the 30-minute and 15-minute timeframes. The Matix EA is built to earn 15-45% per month and takes advantage of a trailing stop.

While all is well and good, the Forex Investors Alliance is not providing us with enough information to come to a real understanding. Both EA’s are backed by backtest screenshots, but there are no real verified trading results.

I see no reason to register with either of these trading systems until they start using Myfxbook, or any other statement-sharing service to prove their success rates. Telling us that the system has an impressive ROI is one thing, proving it, is another.

Advanced Forex Course

As for the $750 Forex course, Forexia Pro is currently providing for main lessons which totals up to over 10 hours of video content. The 4 topics are as follows, Forex explained, manipulation basics, advanced manipulation, and mindset, which is still a work in progress.

There are a few testimonials at the bottom of this page, but again I’m looking for more information and proof that this is a viable investment opportunity. I’m not sure if I can shell out the $750 just based on what I’m seeing on this page. I would like to see more proof and more insight into the knowledge base of Dylan Shilts, as he doesn’t have the type of reputation I would expect out of someone charging this type of money.


While I’m certainly interested in the different trading approach that Forexia Pro and the Forex Investors Alliance can bring to the marketplace, I still have a lot of questions about their services. Before signing up with their expert advisors, their educational service, or their trading signals, I need more information about each one of them. Not only do I want to have detailed explanations about how they all work, but I also want to see some actual proof in the form of trading accounts that have been running for extended periods of time. When Dylan starts to provide these elements, I will revisit this review and at that time hopefully be able to give a recommendation. Until then, I think we should wait until there is more proof.

Thank you for stopping by, and please let me know if you have any experience with this service.

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