Forex Truck EA Review

Forex Truck EA Review

Forex Truck is a new Forex robot based on the USDCAD Forex pair. The Forex Truck EA is presented as ”a smart trading robot that works 100% automatically”. They tell the community that Forex Truck EA strategy and algorithms are fully compatible with any Forex broker. The EA is meant to work on both MT4 and MT5 platforms and a lifetime license price is $277. Forex Truck EA Review What is Forex Truck ( Either is Forex Truck EA scam or legit?

Forex Truck EA Review

  • Forex Truck EA is a program that claim to automate Forex trades. It’s like putting a plane on auto pilot. Traders can sleep through the night calmly knowing that their trades will be placed exactly at the times they designated. Sounds easy, right?
  • Forex robots like the Forex Truck robot is getting a lot of hype of late and Forex robot scams are not far behind.
  • You see, no trading system can pick every bottom and top of every market, Forex trading is a game of probabilities where every long-term profit is a big success.
  • Most Forex robot scams are easy to pinpoint and would seem obvious to any investor. But even with blatant false promises of huge profits “while you sleep” millions of dollars are dropped into these Forex robot scams every day.

Forex Truck EA Strategy

The Forex Truck EA strategy is presented in a block of two that works according to the market situation. Forex Truck EA Strategy A good forex trading strategy allows for a trader to analyse the market and confidently execute trades with sound risk management techniques.

Forex Truck EA Result

The vendor presented a real result from The result is showing a total gain of +229.98% and a drawdown of 23.08%. Forex Truck EA Result The problem is that Forex robots are run based on automated mathematical algorithms, not taking into account things like market conditions that vary with political issues, weather and other factors. The inconsistency of the market is impossible to program into a robot, and therefore the results of Forex robots are inconsistent as well.

What are the best Forex robots

To become an effective trader, you will need to be able to keep up with movements of the currency markets, world economics and news – as well as use historical knowledge and data to predict when the best time to enter and leave a trade will be. In the marketplace, the best Forex robots implement a reliable system for limiting drawdowns, which will ensure the safety of your funds.

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