Forex Signals and Invest Review – Is a scam?

Forex Signals and Invest is yet another poor performing Forex vendor, with an apparent focus on selling Forex signals and investment programs. Their promises include profit in pips up to 400pips per month when you subscribe to their signals and 60% profits on their Forex investment programs.

Now maybe you want to find out how do we know that Forex Signals and Invest is a scam, right? If so, then let’s begin with our Forex SIgnals and Invest review to find out why is Forex Signals and Invest vendor a scam, what makes Forex Signals and Invest a scam and what is Forex Signals and Invest in real. So, let’s begin with our Forex Signals and Invest review.

Forex Signals and Invest Review

Forex Signals and Invest Review

Like the name suggests, the company runs two packages. A Forex Signals package and Forex Investment programe, which trade your portfolio for you.

For those interested in their Forex Signals,  you will receives 4 series of Forex signals per day. The signals are sent on 12pm, 5pm and 10pm GMT, and it will take a very disciplined trader to benefit from such strict arrangement. If you are available by this time, you should download a whatsapp or Telegram app to receive those signals. You can receive the signals from any part of the world and it’s compatible with any Forex broker.

Having said this, we want to get into the company details and regulatory information. If this brokerage is not able to convince us here, then we will ask you to ignore it altogether despite the amazing features which it is seemingly offering their traders.

No Corporate Information

We are told on the Forex Signals and Invest website that they are a group of 5 expert traders from UK and France. That’s only what we could get from them. Their are no names and faces attached to their claims. This people don’t want anything that will show their faces or reveal their physical location. Their is no contact address, they only provided a phone number and contact form to fill in case you run into difficulties.

Believing an anonymous service is a recipe to get scammed, because the accuracy of the signals is guaranteed solely by the integrity of the people who run them.

Trading Methodology is a Mystery

This online investment hub made a lot of promises but performed badly in showing us the way they can achieve it. Their is no trading methodology. Clients of Forex Signals and Invest don’t have a clue of the basis in which signals are generated.

Trading Result

Forex Signals and Invest performance results shows a total gain of 2500 pips in March with no single trade lost. We have to consider one thing, Forex Signals and Invest provided little or no information about who and where this signals are being sent from. The authenticity of these result is questionable coupled with the fact that they are not verified. What we know is that there are good forex investing programes out there that have their results verified by statement sharing services like myfxbook and Fxblue. Forex Signals and Invest does not seem to be a very reliable signal and investment manager due to their lack of corporate information and a result that is too good to be true. This means that customers who chose to purchase any of their packages are risking their money.

Review Verdict: Forex Signals and Invest is a Scam

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Forex Signals and Invest Review Conclusion

We wished that Forex Signals and Invest had presented us with verified trading results rather than a simple image screenshot which can obviously be manipulated. We might include them in our list of best Forex trading resources later but not now.

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12 thoughts on “Forex Signals and Invest Review – Is a scam?”

  1. i invested 2000 pounds. thy have refuse to pay me now. they did not reply to my emails, telegram and whatsapp messages. they are scammers

  2. I ask for a withdraw to my BTC address, or with a bank transfer. Both not possible. Only with Paypal i can make a withdraw, but Paypal do not accept profit transfers. Strange that they do dificult to transfer a part of my profit to my bank account or BTC address. Are they real traders?

  3. They r scammers I invested £500 it now supposed to b worth £1400 I requested a withdrawal the answer they give is they have open trades and can’t do withdrawals and will contact me when they can send me money but they don’t get back to you scum bags

  4. is it possible to claim against them to get your money back?
    has anybody had success making contact with them?
    as im still waiting

  5. Hello I have been trying to contact them but with no luck. Has anyone achieved this if so please can you let me know how?

  6. all a scam, they do not communicate with you,
    they did start sending emails but that all stopped,
    you cannot withdraw your money,
    they like to show their alleged results everywhere.
    if anybody has an address or contact post it up here

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