Forex Major Bot Review

Forex Major Bot portrays their platform as some virtuous Trend marker solution when in reality it is a sleek, non-transparent and dangerous investment opportunity. Incorporating the widely abused auto money management and profit trailing concept, Forex Major Bot insists that the software will monitor current market conditions, and attempt to determine the direction of the trend before placing trades. Of course, no disclosure regarding trading or scalping is mentioned anywhere upon the site, while every component of the site was carefully crafted in order to better deceive inexperienced Forex investors.

As you will shortly find out for yourself, the promises promoted by Forex Major Bot producers aren’t all cracked up to what they are meant to be. To learn about the true illicit nature of Forex Major Bot, while harvesting all the relevant facts, we invite you to continue reading our investigative review.

Forex Major Bot is a Trend Marker system owned by  Anna Monti. There is no address for Anna ‘Forex’ Monti, or any of her products, but support can be contacted via [email protected]. For all 2017 robot reviews go here.

Forex Major Bot Review

Forex Major Bot operates as a reliable Trend Marker provider within the forex niche. Like most ominous expert advisors, Forex Major Bot EA owner claims that it paid close attention to market feedback in the creation of the Forex Major Bot software. In doing so, she felt that most clients asked for trading safety, and that she promises to have delivered. This time, she says that she “personally controlled each step of the operation” to ensure of its value to the community.

In listening to feedback, I wish Anna listened to the reviewers as well. For a very long time now I’ve been urging Anna Monti to provide us with more complete trading results. I’ll let you know if she followed through on what I’ve been requesting in a minute.

The Forex Major Bot Forex Robot costs $99 for a one time purchase. The TrendMarker trades on EURUSD, USDJPY and the preferred time frame is H1.

Review Verdict – Forex Major Bot EA is a Scam

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Forex Major Bot exhibits all the unscrupulous traits necessary to be classified unworthy expert advisor. Operating as their sole entity, Forex Major Bot accepts zero responsibility for any circumstances that may occur on their platform, while remaining absolutely firm about a zero refund policy. With an out dated trading result, we must urge our subscribers to avoid this malicious scam operation at all cost necessary.

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