Forex Latency Arbitrage EA Review

Forex Latency Arbitrage EA ReviewIs Forex Latency Arbitrage EA a scam or legit? Are you searching for the Forex Latency Arbitrage EA reviews in order to find out what is Forex Latency Arbitrage EA about? If so, then your search ends here because here, within our Forex Latency Arbitrage EA review, you will get the real truth about Forex Latency Arbitrage EA, both its pros and cons, such as, either Forex Latency Arbitrage EA complaints from its members are true or not, either Forex Latency Arbitrage EA products scam claims are real or not, either negative Forex Latency Arbitrage EA reviews are real or not, either Forex Latency Arbitrage performance trusted or not, and so on, overall about what is Forex Latency Arbitrage EA.

In short, we want to make it clear that we are not promoting Forex Latency Arbitrage EA and neither affiliate with it, but also we see it as rather an interesting product, but not within our trusted expert advisor section due to the fact that although it is a legit company, neither a Scheme, nor a scam, but also it is very hard to earn money with EA.

The majority of its members have failed to earn real money from this EA and the main reason for that is the way of its traditional arbitrage strategies and also the price of the Forex Latency Arbitrage EA which is relatively very high compared with other competitors which is very risky and you must know the advantages and demerits of using this expert advisor.

However, if you follow something that has been proven to be profitable, then we are afraid to say that Forex Latency Arbitrage is not the best expert advisor to spend money on and then maybe you can make some profit from it, but also you will not make the huge amount of money as they have shown in their performance test. We don’t mean those claims are fake. Yep, some members have earned a good amount of money, but why? Because they used the EA when the algorithm is still new to the system.

Forex Latency Arbitrage EA Review

Nowadays if you start to trade Forex by using an arbitrage system, then most of you can’t be successful from it and will lose money rather than earning from it. But, if you use the modern trading technique, then you can definitely make some profit, and that modern trading technique is by using technical analysis and a proper money management system. Technical analysts believe that everything from a company’s fundamentals to broad market factors to market psychology is already priced into the stock. This removes the need to consider the factors separately before making an investment decision.

The only thing remaining is the analysis of price movements, which technical analysts view as the product of supply and demand for a particular stock in the market. Technical analysts believe that prices move in short-, medium-, and long-term trends. In other words, a stock price is more likely to continue a past trend than move erratically. Most technical trading strategies are based on this assumption.

Now, maybe you are thinking about how to do that everything, and where to learn those strategies to predict price movement. Well, actually trading the markets has never been easier. But you don’t have internships at trading houses, long lunches with traders, or Degrees in Finance. Your new best friend when it comes to playing the markets is called the WallStreet Forex Robot 3 and you can find our detailed review on WallStreet Robot by clicking this link, here.

Ok, now let’s begin with our Forex Latency Arbitrage EA review in detail as below.

Background of Forex Latency Arbitrage EA, What is

Forex Latency Arbitrage EA about?

If you see the background of Forex Latency Arbitrage EA, you will be clear that this company is legit, but that doesn’t mean you can also become rich using this EA.

Forex Latency Arbitrage EA Uses the Traditional Arbitrage System

The idea of arbitrage trading is that you buy from one broker and sell with another. We wonder how this can work in Forex because there is only one broker to trade with. The price feed which you’ll be getting will be from one brokerage firm as opposed to multiple brokers. So this concept clearly doesn’t make any sense when it comes to trading Forex. We are not sure how Forex Latency Arbitrage software plans to do it.

Forex Latency Arbitrage EA Performance

If there is no free demo in place, trading performance is often appreciated by many traders who are looking to seriously invest in the Forex market. Forex Latency Arbitrage Software has a Myfxbook and FXBlue accounts where its activities are allegedly being tracked at. Let’s start with their FXblue account because there are very interesting things going on with this particular account. The first thing we realize is that there is a net gain of +141.4% on this account.

The maximum drawdown is -23%. If you look at the equity graph, you will see that the trading activities of the Forex Latency Arbitrage Software were not tracked for the whole of 2017. Instead, this account was set up in 2016 and then somehow it stopped being operated in the same year.

That could be an indication that Forex Latency Arbitrage Software crashed the account, hence there was no need to track its trading activities.


The message here is that Forex Latency Arbitrage EA performance on Fxblue cannot be trusted. These trading records are unreliable. In addition to this, they are not live trading records. So we don’t even have any idea what might have happened with this software. But we are aware that the robot is still being offered for the price of $500.

The second concern is that even though they have a Myfxbook account, that account no longer exists. You can click on the Myfxbook screenshots to see what happens. You will end up on a blank Myfxbook page, which suggests that this account may have been closed after the robot lost it all. The bottom line here is that Forex Latency Arbitrage EA does not have any live performance being tracked by these two platforms. If you can’t see a live performance, then it could mean that spending $500 for a license would be a risky investment venture. We don’t recommend this kind of thing at all.

Forex Latency Arbitrage EA Review Conclusion

Aforementioned, it is clear that although Forex Latency Arbitrage EA is a legitimate company, it is not a cup of tea for everyone to earn money from it and the major failure factor is its trading method and overpricing. If you want to earn money by using a trading system, first of all, we recommend you join the best Forex EA at the moment. The name of that trading program is WallStreet Forex Robot 3. Actually, you can earn money more easily using WallStreet Robot than from Forex Latency Arbitrage EA at a relatively lesser risk. You can find more details on Wallstreet Robot EA by clicking this link:- WallStreet Forex Robot 3 Review.


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