FineCoin Review

FineCoin is nothing but an illegal and unsustainable scheme that claims its members that they can earn money from trading cryptocurrency and ICO staking, but in reality, is just a Ponzi scheme where members need to invest money in order to get a certain amount of ROI on a daily basis. As per their claim, they offer up to 2.4% daily profit for a lifetime for their lending program which is 60% in a month. Now you can smell a scam on this claim by yourself because if there are some legit businesses that can make that much profit in real to pay back that much amount of interest to the investors, then all banks will be shut down. More than that, if any company can make that much profit, why do they need to open a site and collect the investment from several people and pay them unbelievably high interest when they can take a loan from a bank in not more than 1% per month interest rate, but they can’t because in order to take a loan from the bank, they need to show the real proof to be legit, which in case of FineCoin they can’t. is the only sustainable crypto trading portal where you can make profit trading cryptos. With This Software, You Are Not Only Able to Auto-trade Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Profitably, but You Can Also Invest in them or Other Newer Cryptocurrencies. See more details.

There are more bad points about this company which we are going to discuss here within our FineCoin review in detail below to show you what is FineCoin in real.

FineCoin Review

FineCoin Review

Actually, the first reason for not recommending FineCoin is simply because of its business model which is not legal and can’t be sustained in the long run. These kinds of companies are known as Ponzi schemes.

Every Ponzi scheme can pay at starting and will stop paying all of a sudden anytime in the future because a Ponzi scheme in real doesn’t have any backup to pay back its members a certain amount of ROI. So, at starting they will keep on paying existing members using the investment of new members. They will calculate the amount of new investment coming into the company versus the amount they need to pay to those members who are withdrawing. Until the new investment coming into the system overrides the withdrawal amount, they will keep on paying. However, once the withdrawal amount starts to become more, they will just stop paying. So, those who join these kinds of systems at first can make some amount of money, but those who join later or invest later definitely will lose all money. Actually, only the owner of these kinds of companies can make real money and more than 80% of members will lose money.

They also give referrals commission up to 10% on the sales of their ROI plans like MLM companies, but without selling any real products or services which makes them a Pyramid scheme, another illegal and unsustainable scheme.

FineCoin Scam

FineCoin is a scam because it is totally anonymous, the owner details of FineCoin is completely hidden within their website as well as within WHOIS detail which proves it is a scam because none of the legit online work companies hide their owner details and it also proves that the owner of FineCoin themselves know this business is not going to last long. That is why even they are offering daily ROI for a lifetime because they know their site is not going to survive in the long run.

Actually, there are lots of fake claims that we can point out about this company such as they are saying they are the safest Europe lending platform whereas you can fund your account only in USD. We think this information is already enough to give you the reason why we don’t recommend this company, right?

Review Verdict: FineCoin is a Scam!

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If you want to invest in the companies like FineCoin, then that is a complete waste of time and money. If you want to risk your hard earn cash, then that is completely up to you, but we don’t recommend Ponzi schemes like FineCoin. So, we have listed FineCoin within our Bad and Scam Online works section.

So, instead of wasting your time on these kinds of too good to be true projects, it is better you come to reality because, in reality, these projects are not true. None of the legit companies can pay you such a high amount so easily. For that, you need to do work.

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