ETH Millionaire Review

ETH MillionaireThe first thing you must avoid doing is signing up with a website whose reputation is suspected like the ETH Millionaire. You should never place a deposit too because this is where you will lose the money. But of course this does not mean that all Crypto trading robots are bogus. We have a few reliable options for you here. Take advantage and do not expect to get rich overnight.

The Eth Millionaire is a funny and pathetic scam operation. It may not be obvious to a beginner but that is our assertion because we have conducted some preliminary investigations and realized that the site is hosted with the intent of fleecing internet users. Eth Millionaire looks unfinished. There is a promotion video on the site that talks about Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies. However, this video does not give us any meaningful information about the website, and we are not able to establish the legitimacy of this website by just watching the video.

Traders are told that Eth Millionaire is capable of making $100,000 per month The question is, can we make this money by trading with this software?

ETH Millionaire Review

When you spend time on this website, you will naturally begin to doubt it because of the too good to be true promises. The sales pitch is also a dead giveaway. As we have said before, the site looks unfinished.

The one thing we want to make clear is that ETH Millionaire is not a ground breaking trading robot. It has never won any award. Otherwise, this would be the first thing that the website would be boosting of. They would never hesitate to provide proof all over the website making it clear that they won awards and people should see those awards to believe it.

To this end, we are convinced that this is a generic scam robot. It is made and sold to any person who wants to scam internet users. The scammer will them rebrand it with new name and colors before putting it on their website. They will hype it and get the attention of a few gullible internet users who think that riches can be made overnight.

There are currently thousands of generic robots that are similar to ETH Millionaire. That means it will definitely lose money like any other typical robot. You have to be aware of this fact.

Fake Testimonial

Also, we do not see how a supposedly genuine website and robot can make use of fake testimonials. Traders who find success with the alleged robot will speak for it elsewhere and also on the website. It shouldn’t be difficult to find these testimonials everywhere on the internet.

So the reason why they are using fake customer feedback is because the owner knows very well that ETH Millionaire loses money. No one can leave a positive feedback unless they are paid to do so. But paying for these testimonials is a total waste of time because authorities will notice it.

Review Verdict – ETH Millionaire is a scam


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They are associated with unregulated brokers and sometimes are run by the brokers themselves. When depositors sign up for the robot for free, they will be forced to choose the broker that the scammer will recommend. There is no using the software with your own preferred broker. And if you choose to go that route, the scammers will tell you that it is not possible to use their robot.

But why, yet they have said that ETH Millionaire is free? It’s simple. They are getting paid commissions for every client that is sent to the broker. They must target those who don’t know how to trade and convince them that they can make 100k in a month trading with the robot.

This is to make you sign up with an unregulated broker and risk your deposit on a robot that does not work. Therefore, you stand to lose your entire trading capital because once commissions have been paid out, there is no claiming your money. Also, being that the broker is unregulated, you can be sure that they are unethical, rude and stubborn. They won’t process your withdrawal request, and you will do nothing other than to retreat with probably a negative feedback here and there on the internet.

Our best advise for you

EH Millionaire is for suckers who are not afraid to lose money. After the reputation of this website and also seeing that it is a typical scam, one cannot know these details and choose to get scammed anyway. Use these trading bots to make money safely without taking unnecessary risks.

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