ETH Bot Review

ETHBot LogoETH Bot AKA Ethereum Bot is a fraudulent trading product that every serious investor/trader must avoid. If you don’t, then the consequences will follow you. ETH Bot does not have information on its website about who owns or runs the operation. From what we can see, this is a massive scam. There is no substance in the presentation page except more empty promises of how people have recently become millionaires with this system. In all this, there is not a single proof that was produced to show that indeed people have been earning. If anything, this scam is designed to channel the flow of money in one direction – from the would-be investor to the admin of this site.

ETH Bot Review

On the sales page, the admin tells us that ETH Bot is the ”The Future In Automatic Trading Technology

This is something you can’t just say without supporting it with evidence. Someone needs to tell these scammers that we need evidence to believe in their lies.

This is just taking things a bit far. By the way, this supposed trading system is free to use. This vendor just alleged that you can become a millionaire for free while you let the robot trade your account. Is this real or some kind of a dream? Definitely, the answer is that any get-rich-quick scheme can’t be real.

Beware of fake demo

The ETH BoT is presenting us with a demo that allegedly shows how this software works.

Well, you should never consider this demo facility as evidence of trading. It is not valid evidence that you will make money with this software. This is because the demo is fake. It was manipulated to make you think that the robot is making money. Basically, the robot will transform clear losing trades to winners, which creates very misleading overall results. It is a feature that comes with numerous generic robots that turned out to be scams. The vendor is only required to give it a name and they are good to go.

Review Verdict – ETH Bot is a scam!

Our best advice for you

The truth is that the admin of ETH Bot is in partnership with several brokerages. The more they send customers to trade with these brokerages, the more commissions they earn.

We have always said that it is not a bad thing to earn commissions by sending your customers to another service that you believe will be of help to them.

However, it’s fraudulent and creepy if you know that you are sending these users to a scam platform while you continue earning commissions despite knowing that they are losing money.

Unfortunately, that’s what ETH Bot is doing. This scam knows very well that you are losing money. But the site admin doesn’t care. All he cares about is their pocket. Please try these Cryptocurrency trading products. We will never lead you to the wrong place.

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