Entry Points Pro EA Review

Entry Points Pro EA may appear promising on the surface, but a closer examination reveals significant shortcomings and concerns. Despite its claims to be an improved version of the Entry Points Pro indicator, this trading robot falls short in several crucial aspects.

Entry Points Pro Expert Advisor (EA)

Entry Points Pro EA Review

Entry Points Pro EA is a Forex expert advisor designed for MetaTrader platforms, including MT4 and MT5. It claims to autonomously open and manage trades, offering both automatic and semi-automatic trading modes. The developer, Yury Orluv, promotes this EA as an enhanced version of the popular Entry Points Pro indicator.

The marketing for Entry Points Pro EA relies heavily on the reputation of the Entry Points Pro indicator, which garnered positive reviews. While the promotional video showcases EURUSD H1 performance from the previous year, it fails to provide substantial evidence of consistent profitability.

Entry Points EA Features

The EA boasts compatibility with any broker and asset, which is a common feature among many trading robots. Such generic statements lack the specificity necessary to build trust.

Trading Strategy

The trading strategy of Entry Points Pro EA is a major concern. It purports to trade independently, but without revealing its underlying strategy, traders are essentially blind to what drives its trading decisions. This lack of transparency can lead to significant losses and erode trust in the product.


  1. Choice of Operating Modes: The EA offers both automatic and semi-automatic trading modes, giving traders some control over their trading activities.
  2. Risk Control Mechanism: It includes a built-in risk control mechanism, calculating lot sizes based on acceptable risk levels, which is a standard feature in most EAs.
  3. Extra Activations: Unlike some EAs with restrictive licensing, Entry Points Pro EA provides 10 activations with a single purchase, allowing users to install it on multiple brokers and computers.


  1. Lack of Strategy Disclosure: The absence of information about the trading strategy is a significant drawback, as traders are essentially entrusting their funds to a “black box” system.
  2. Inadequate Proof of Performance: The promotional video’s reliance on a single example and lack of detailed backtesting results or historical performance data raise doubts about the EA’s long-term profitability.
  3. Generic Claims: The claims of compatibility with any broker and asset, along with the absence of a clear competitive edge, make it hard to justify choosing this EA over alternatives with more transparent strategies.


Entry Points Pro EA is marketed as a superior version of the Entry Points Pro indicator but lacks transparency and substantial proof of performance. Traders should exercise caution when considering this EA, as the undisclosed trading strategy and limited evidence of profitability raise concerns about its reliability and effectiveness. It is advisable to explore alternative trading robots with more transparent and well-documented strategies before committing to this one.

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