EA Thomas Review

EA Thomas is an algorithmic trading system with an intriguing approach to trading. It combines the capabilities of five trading advisors to make informed trading decisions simultaneously. This review aims to provide a critical assessment of this unique trading algorithm.

EA Thomas MT4/MT5

About EA Thomas

EA Thomas is a Forex robot designed to analyze five different entry points on various timeframes concurrently, tailoring its choice of entry to the level of risk involved. This multifaceted approach suggests that EA Thomas seeks to enhance its adaptability in various market conditions. Users have the flexibility to customize their trading strategies and select specific timeframes according to their preferences.

One notable feature of EA Thomas is its versatility in trading strategies. Traders can select and activate the strategies they prefer for identifying entry points. Moreover, the algorithm supports trading on multiple currency pairs, including EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, and EURJPY, providing users with diverse trading options. The recommended timeframes for EA Thomas are M30 to H1, catering to both short-term and relatively longer-term trading approaches.

Trading Strategy

While the concept of EA Thomas is intriguing, it is essential to consider the effectiveness of its trading strategy and risk management. As with any algorithmic trading system, success depends on the underlying strategy’s robustness. Users are advised to adhere to the minimum account balance requirement of $1000 for each pair and to calculate lot sizes at 0.01 lot for every $1000 in deposit.

EA Thomas Recommendations

Furthermore, EA Thomas emphasizes the importance of initially practicing on a demo or cent account for the first two weeks to evaluate its performance and identify the most suitable trading conditions. This cautious approach is commendable and underscores the importance of risk management.

EA Thomas MT4/MT5


  1. Diverse Trading Options: EA Thomas supports trading across multiple currency pairs and various timeframes, offering traders flexibility.
  2. Risk Management Emphasis: The recommendation to start on a demo or cent account and gradually move to a real account demonstrates a commitment to responsible trading.
  3. Community and Support: The provision of a Telegram channel and an official community site suggests a commitment to user support and engagement.


  1. Complexity: The concept of simultaneously analyzing five entry points on different timeframes may be overwhelming for novice traders.
  2. Limited Track Record: To fully assess its reliability, users would benefit from a more extensive track record of EA Thomas’s performance on live accounts.
  3. Dependence on Market Conditions: The algorithm’s effectiveness may vary depending on market conditions, which could lead to inconsistent results.

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EA Thomas by Vitali Vasilenka presents an intriguing approach to algorithmic trading with its five-advisor system. However, its complexity and the need for a more extensive track record raise some concerns. It is important for traders to exercise caution and follow the recommended risk management guidelines when considering this trading algorithm.

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