DupliTrade Review

DupliTrade is a specialized Forex and Crypto Currency trading platform and Expert Advisor that has been available for a while now: started far back as 2017. We are particularly intrigued by the professionalism shown by the DupliTrade automated software and also the fact that they deal with some of the best licensed brokers’ worldwide really caught our interest. Unlike other scam software, DupliTrade didn’t have to fabricate stories and display unrealistic profits to get your attention. Everything is made open on their Official Website.

We have been waiting for an EA of this magnitude for years now and if you’ve been a reader of the Scam Expert Advisor blog you know that we are very critical and rarely ever have my expectations met by any software. That’s why this is such a big deal. We have gone through every single line of code, analyzed the strategy, and tested the strategy and there is no doubt in my mind that this will be bringing us impressive gains for years to come.

Rating: 95/100 

Suitable for: All

Recommended: Yes

Price to join: Free


Click this link in order to join DupliTrade for free:- www.duplitrade.com.

Whether you are searching for manual, semi-automated, or automated strategies, DupliTrade offers it all!

DupliTrade Review

Having a good strategy is one of the basic steps to take in order to succeed in online trading. So here we have a software that offers quite a number of Forex and Cryptocurrency strategic indicators designed in such a way that you can invest by duplicating the trades of experienced strategy providers.

There is nothing this EA can’t do. It is truly the best software I have ever used due to its stable growth and aggressive trading plan. I believe that DupliTrade will be the #1 Crypto Robot and Forex automated system in years to come.

DupliTrade gives you control over the platform to a very large extent, allowing you to make your settings select your strategy provider, and also providing you with a wide range of money management systems. As we go further, we will tell you more about the software, its strategy providers, and brokers. But before getting into too much detail, let me introduce you to the verified trading results.

DupliTrade Verified Results

Here you can find real live DupliTrade results. The system takes trades every single day with low-risk and high-reward methodology.

Check out the DupliTrade live account and demo account below.

DupliTrade Strategy Provider
DupliTrade Crypto Currency and Forex Strategies

DupliTrade Crypto Currency Trading History

DupliTrade Trading History

All the trading results are clickable so you can view all the strategies in detail. The system opens a maximum of 7 trades at a time and doesn’t hold trades open for long periods of time. The strategy is very effective at getting in and out of the markets efficiently and quickly.

DupliTrade is easy to install and run for any level of trader and consistently exceeds my profit expectations, this is an investment opportunity I can’t pass on.

DupliTrade in a NutShell?

DupliTrade is a Cryptocurrency and Forex investment platform that is based on an automated system that helps you execute trades in the financial market. It does this by duplicating the trades of the service providers which you follow. The activities and details of each service provider are clearly visible on the screen.

DupliTrade CFD Brokers

One very interesting aspect of this software is the simple fact that they are involved with some of the biggest brokers who are fully licensed and include: AVAtrade, AXITrader, FXPro, Pepperstone, FXDD, etc.

This is a very good point for DupliTrade because in order to make profitable trades, choosing the right broker is the most important step. We have encountered many problems in trades with unlicensed brokers. They are unregulated so the money deposited to them can get lost and are untraceable. Many have fallen victim to these which is why we always insist on only regulated brokers.

DupliTrade Service Providers?

These are market experts trading on their accounts. They trade in real-time and also with licensed brokers. For all the brokers, you are provided with their market activities, statistics, and other information to enable you to make a conclusive decision on the particular ones to follow.
It is quite a transparent system as you would also be able to track and closely monitor the trading activities of your service provider.

There are five service providers the DupliTrade software works with and they include:

Cryptoz: Cryptoz is the strategy provider for cryptocurrency CFD traders. It mitigates the risks involved in trading cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and LTC.

Sniper: This uses the Quasimodo pattern to ensure that you enter the market at the best possible price.
Titan: Contains sophisticated tools to determine optimal risk allocation and leverage. It is a highly specialized strategy in the field of automated trading both for crypto and forex trading.
Legacy: With decades of testing and twerking, this strategy provider tells you the best time to Enter or EXit the market.
Spider: This is the most profitable strategy provider. It focuses on trend-detection triggers.

How does DupliTrade work?

Getting started with DupliTrade is really easy. Firstly, you have to register with them, select the service providers you would like to follow, make your deposit to the broker, and then do your settings to begin trading. Also, you could use several service providers at the same time allocating different funds to the various strategies.

Who is in charge of the DupliTrade software?

The software is run by experts. However it is very important to note that depositions are made to the brokers and not to the software company and considering the fact that the brokers involved are licensed, there shouldn’t be much worry about this.

DupliTrade Price

Is DupliTrade free? Yes actually. The software is free to anyone who is interested. But you have to make a minimum deposit to activate the software.

Review Verdict: DupliTrade is 100% Legit and Profitable Crypto and Forex Software!

We are ready and willing to put our reputation on the line, we believe in it that much. So, if you want to take part in the official launch you can register a free account. It is time to take your trading to the next level!

Download DupliTrade Now

DupliTrade Review Conlusion

In conclusion, DupliTrade is undoubtedly an innovative creation, making cryptocurrency trading more interesting and profitable. It is one of the very few automated trading platforms with a genuine basis for online trading. Most importantly, they provide you with licensed brokers, so rest assured your investments are in safe hands. Also, you are in total control of your trades and their settings and you can even decide to switch to manual if you like.

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