Dragon Expert Review

Dragon Expert is a Forex robot by David King that guarantees 60% to over 110% monthly in pure profit. The vendor wants us to believe that they are ”group of professional traders providing a flawless algorithm for your trading strategy.

We could only establish the name of their CEO, but the location or even trading/development experience still remains a mystery.

Dragon Expert Review

These basic details are to be expected from any vendor’s website and if a sales page lacks an introduction, it could say a lot about their product even before we make a purchase and discover the flaws.

In that case, our intention is to write an in-depth Dragon Expert review and let you make your own informed decision.

Dragon Expert Review

The website of this trading system consists of a short summary of the product’s features, contact details, performance results, and irrelevant information that focus on general backtesting and expert advisors talk.

The reason why this vendor wants us to buy a copy of the Dragon Expert is that they provide a robot strategy that gives profit for any market condition.

Dragon Expert comes with a free license (demo) and 3 premium license types. They are rookie, professional, and unlimited premium licenses.

The Rookie package($197) comes with an unlimited demo license and 1 license for a live account. The Professional package ($397) offers unlimited demo licenses and access to 10 live accounts. Lastly, the Unlimited package ($1497) allows for unlimited licenses for both demo and live accounts.

You see that the cost of these premium packages ranges from $197 to $397 depending on which license you want. They also claim to have only one copy of the Professional license available for sale.

Trading Strategy

We hinted to you earlier that the majority of the information on the Dragon Expert website is basic.

They fail further by not providing specific details on the strategy part. Instead of providing specific information pertaining to this MT4 EA, they enumerate general statements on how it uses legendary trading strategy and advanced correlation algorithm.

Dragon Expert Strategy

In short, the developer of Dragon Expert comes across as someone who has shallow experience when it comes to presenting an expert advisor, and cannot match the quality we saw at our reviews of Forex Diamond EA, Waka Waka EA, Ranger EA, and GPS Forex Robot.

They also keep repeating that the EA will make 60-110% monthly but provide zero substantial information pertaining to how their product will perform profitably in the very volatile Forex market.

Therefore, we don’t have a trading methodology to narrate here. We hope this is something that the vendor will consider adding if he reads this review.

Trading Results

They’ve provided their trading statement on the Myfxbook platform.

At least we can talk about results now but bear in mind that their myfxbook.com trading accounts are dormant and not updated, we generally prefer vendors whose trading statements are up to date at Myfxbook instead.

There are 3 myfxbook.com results provided, but we are going to focus only on one since all of them are not active.

Dragon Expert Result

At the time of writing this review, the most recent Dragon Expert result was last updated on Feb 21 2020 at 00:33 and it’s showing a total gain of +258.74%. The cumulative monthly gain is 63.93% and the drawdown is quite high at 34.33%.

Dragon Expert trading

You can see that the vendor is not trading with the Forex robot, as all his accounts are not active. With that in mind, we can’t rely on this sample of results because it is too late.


Their website is lacking basic information such as the strategy of their Forex robot, development background, and many other aspects. Even worse, none of their verified trading accounts is updated.

I do not see any valid reason why anyone would recommend the Dragon Expert at the moment.

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