Direct Signals Review

We’ve prepared some really good automatic binary options trading systems on this list. You can pick any.

However, as for this system, it’s an outright scam as confirmed by this Direct Signals review.

The promise of wealth in a short time is the first red flag. The second one has to be detected from the false story line that the narrator gives us about Direct Signals. The dots cannot be connected. The story sounds too fictitious. Avoid the scam please.

direct signals scam

It’s easy to smell scams. The thing is, scams will always find a way of working around the issue of past performance.

Even though past performance is not necessarily an indication of what the software will do in the future, it’s a basis that can be used to form an opinion on what the robot is capable of doing.

No where on the website of Direct Signals were past performance mentioned or published.

Yet the owner of this robot expects you and me to trust that their robot is capable of delivering signals that can win 9 out of 10 trades every time it is put to task.

As a serious investors, you should be demanding to see past or live performance which should be delivered from an independent third party and not through the website since those results would be prone to manipulation.

To cut the long story short, we can conclude that if these guys are not willing to put their money where their mouths are, then probably this is a scam which you should never invest money in.

Also, the advertised win rate of between 82-90% cannot be verified by the Direct Signals website. There are no statistics or broker statements to verify this claim as well. What was so difficult about releasing these statistics to potential users? Ask yourself and when you find an answer, just move on to something better.

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