Digital Gold Rush Review

Digital Gold Rush is 100% a scam site presented by David Silverman. There is no doubt on that because it is openly lying about what is happening in the cryptocurrency market.

Digital Gold Rush scam review

Digital Gold Rush Review

Digital Gold Rush is a case of yet another Cryptocurrency scam that has shamelessly found its way into this ecosystem with the obvious intention of causing massive losses. Digital Gold Rush is now boasting of the most ill and absurd claims of earnings. These plans are nothing but misleading because when the investor actually commits money into the project, they will find out the truth about the alleged returns and even feel disappointed that they lost everything in the process.

Digital Gold Rush is a place where people lose money. There is nothing like making you $10,000 from just $10 in cryptocurrency presently because cryptocurrency is going down. These figures can only be found on scam websites.

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So, now you are clear either is Digital Gold Rush a scam or a legit, what is Digital Gold Rush in real. However, if you still want to find out more details on it, then you can continue our Digital Gold Rush review as below, for that you don’t have to search any other Digital Gold Rush reviews.

Digital Gold Rush Scam

Any normal person would be able to see that Digital Gold Rush is lying openly about what is happening in the crypto industry. They are definitely not sensible. That is why internet users are seeking to know if there is a catch somewhere down the road. And the answer is yes, there must be a catch.

The anonymous owners of Digital Gold Rush

We consider it a red flag when they lie about the owner of Digital Gold Rush. They said it is Silverman when they do not actually have any genuine information in the name of Silverman supervising their activities.

Therefore, the owners of this website are also anonymous. As we have said before, scammers are people who will lie over one thing and continue lying some more. They will also ensure that their identities are concealed.

If you reside in the same country as these scammers, you will have the benefit of suing them. But what if you do not reside in the same country as them? It becomes so difficult especially if you end up losing a lot of money to this financial game.

Digital Gold Rush is owned by a mysterious website admin. You can rest assured that their intentions are not good. They have a second agenda.

Impossible to earn returns

What exactly is the motive for promising $10,000 with $10? The scammer knows it better. However, based on our assessment on this matter, we believe that these figures cannot be earned. Nobody has ever accumulated wealth overnight. This website appears to be suggesting that people are making multiple profits in cryptocurrency. It’s a lie since they can’t produce evidence to prove that indeed they are multiplying their investors’ funds over and over again in short duration.

Aforementioned, now it is clear that Digital Gold Rush is a misleading platform with unclear owner details. So, Digital Gold Rush is a scam and we have listed it in our blacklisted category.

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