Darwin Evolution Review

Darwin Evolution is an automated Forex robot that promises to handle your account without taking enormous risks.

About Darwin Evolution

Its sales page says that Darwin Evolution is an expert advisor for a long-term gain. It can stay dormant for more than a week waiting for the perfect opportunity to open trade.

The EA works on over 28 currency pairs and it is integrated with more than 8 indicators and filters.

Darwin Evolution EA Review

Also, the robot is not a fast scalper, it can keep the positions open for several days or weeks to optimize drawdown and profits.

But can someone trust Darwin Evolution?

Darwin Evolution Strategy

Darwin Evolution obviously works based on news filter together with a combination of indicators and capital risk management. There is a specific news filter for nocturnal news, the vendor admits on their MQL5 page.

Darwin Evolution EA Strategy

The following list includes details about settings, recommendation, customizations.

  • Pairs Recommended: Minor and major pairs
  • Recommended settings: EURUSD M1 (2 set files will be provided, everything is preset)
  • Lot and Risk Recommended: 5% As in the set file, but you can trader from 0.01 the first weeks to understand the operation of the EA.
  • Brokers type: Any type of broker authorizing positions in both directions (hedge)
  • Minimum capital: 200 USD
  • Minimum leverage: 1:30 or lower with a specific setting.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex robot
  • Price: $999
  • Strategy: News filter, indicators
  • Pairs: All pairs
  • Recommended time frame: MI

The robot was first released 9 September 2021 and it is currently running on version 1.9. The price of this expert advisor is $999. The rental option is also available at $690 per year. You can use a free demo copy of the system after downloading it. So far, over 2025 demo copies have been downloaded for testing.

Trading Result

Darwin Evolution has two signals results on MQL5, a normal signal mode and a risk signal mode. Both trading accounts are hosted on the thinkmarkets platform with a leverage of 1:500. Both are not 100% automated trading results.

Darwin Evolution EA result1

The normal signal mode shows a drawdown of 5.8%. The win rate is 93.3%. An initial deposit was 5000 EUR. The absolute growth is 6.00%.

Darwin Evolution EA result2

The risk signal mode has a maximal drawdown of 14.4% with absolute growth of 15%.

Darwin Evolution EA result

So far, the robot has completed only 15 deals with the latest trade opened 16days ago. Also bear in mind that the robot did not place any trade throughout December 2021. The best trade is 85.00 EUR when the worst trade is -52.18 EUR. The recovery factor is 5.9 when the profit factor is 5.38. An average monthly gain is extremely low at 0.28%.

Should someone trust Darwin Evolution

Darwin Evolution has a very low monthly gain and obviously trades very infrequently. The result samples are sparse to decide the future of this robot currently.

The owner is someone called Guillaume Duportal from United Arab Emirates with over 3years experience in the marketplace. Currently he has only one robot in his portfolio.

Darwin clients reviews

The robot has many reviews in the marketplace but most appear scripted and not real. There are many excellent reviews with just name and no pictures. We hardly trust such reviews unless there are real pictures attached to it.


We do not recommend Darwin Evolution beacause of the obvious reasons here. The robot trades infrequently and monthly gain appears not to be significant to break even.

Thanks for reading this review. You can always find better ways to automate your trades by exploring this material.

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Darwin Expert Advisor


Trading Result











  • Performance result
  • recommendations


  • Poor strategy insight
  • Infrequent trade
  • Few result samples
  • low monthly gain
  • high pricing
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