Crypto Wealth Creator Review

Crypto Wealth Creator is basically a deposit trap where those who ignore red flags can go to dump their money hoping to make profits that will never come. Besides, you can see that making 1k per hour is something that is not possible.

If you want to make money trading with robots, you should go for these robots instead. They have been tested several times, hence the reason we are recommending them.

Crypto Wealth Creator review

Crypto Wealth Creator Scam

Max Carney is the alleged owner of this software. Many people who have at least heard of him think that he might be genuine. At the same time, others already know that he is a fake.

For those who don’t know anything about him, the assumption is that Max Carney is a great software developer and investor as well. This is because he creates the impression that he is a big time investor and developer. He has also claimed that big media houses have recognized him for his good works. These include Financial Times, Bloomberg and Forbes.

Now, this information cannot be verified at all. If you go through the mentioned sites, you will not find any reference to the name Max Carney. So this leaves us wondering why he had to lie about the whole affair.

What is more, his profile is not on Facebook or Twitter. It is strange that the ”world’s greatest investor and trading software developer” does not have any social media profile yet when his fellow investors and developers even have biographies on the internet.

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