Crypto Trixi Review

Crypto Trixi is an automated trading for analysis Forex and important crypto markets like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. They said it is a market analyser, with unbeatable performance that will help you unlock your trading potentials for profit. The software works with an offshore  broker which are not overseen by any financial regulator. The downside for clients is obvious – there is no authority they can turn to in case of fraud, and such cases are not rare in the world of forex. Crypto Trixi claims to trade the best signals with your connected broker and enjoy your regular profits.

What is Crypto Trixi ( Either is a Crypto Trixi scam or legit?

Unfortunately, Crypto Trixi is just a scam that cannot make you any profit, it was designed to steal your money.

Meanwhile, alternative to this Crypto Trixi Scam is BinBotPro.

Crypto Trixi Scam Review

Crypto Trixi Review – Complete Scam Investigation

  • Aforementioned, The Crypto Trixi software is a scam and everything you read on the Crypto Trixi website is completely fake. They said that Crypto Trixi will analyze Forex and Crypto markets on-demand and execute the right trades with for you but is a lie.
  • We confirm that Crypto Trixi is a Scam because the guarantee up to 49% daily profit from trading. The world’s best investment funds are very happy when they make more than 50% returns in one year. On the other hand, you have this anonymous, online free signals service that claims 735% in two weeks. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that something is wrong here. Indeed, CryptoTrixi is faking its results, it is a scam. Online trading is very risky and there is no way anyone can guarantee for only profit and that is also such a high profit like 49% daily. So, the business claim made by Crypto Trixi itself proves it is lying about its business.
  • The Crypto Trixi scam is unfortunately nothing new on the market, there are many similar programs, like Bitcoin CodeBitcoin Storm, or Bitcoin Revolution. They all work the same way.
  • Scam auto trading solutions like Crypto Trixi tell you a fake story about how their software will make you tons of money on autopilot. They claim their software is free, but it is not. When you sign up for Crypto Trixi, they will create a trading account with an unregulated broker called Globalix on your behalf. Then they will push you to deposit money into this account saying that you need to do it in order to start earning money. But don’t send them anything, because this is the way they want to steal your money. They will never earn you anything, they will just keep your deposits for themselves. They cooperate with shady brokers and rob people of their cash.

Since now it is clear that Crypto Trixi software is a scam, so we have blacklisted websites

If you are interested in making money in cryptocurrency trading, try it first on a free demo with a regulated broker.

With virtual money you can start learning and building a profitable strategy. Before investing real money, you have to have a good strategy and understand the risks.

How to decipher between a scam and genuine auto trading software

Now before deciding whether it will be suitable to opt for an auto trading software, you first have to decide whether it is genuine. Keep a watch for the following aspects. These are red flag alerts for you and prime indicators that the software is a scam.

  • Usually, the scam software does not have any relevant information on the website. This is the foremost indicator that the software is a scam, and you have to avoid it by all means. Usually, such websites have promotional videos that entice you to opt for the software.
  • The scam websites do not state the method of use and do not reveal the features of the software.
  • The scam software websites do not reveal the broker they are linked to and promise unnatural amount of profit.

On the contrary when you are opting for a genuine crypto auto trading software following are the key indicators that show you are moving the right direction.

    • The website will have all the details you need.
    • The features of the software will be listed in detail.
    • They will reveal the deposit amount plus the broker that they are linked with.
    • You will be guided in detail to use the software, and they will be less promotional content.

Our best advise

If you have already tried an autotrading robots in the past and have been dissatisfied with their performance, you can rest assured that you won’t go through that experience ever again, with any robot you choose from this online site.


  • Standard website


  • Fake company
  • No profit
  • Scam

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