Crypto Trade Book Review

The Crypto Trade Book trading robot is a well known generic trading system. It allegedly trades Bitcoins and other altcoins. But most importantly, it losses money.

The truth is that this trading application has been selling for many years. They started with the binary options version of the software and now they are promoting its Cryptocurrency version.

If you want to trade Bitcoin and other altcoin pairs, the best trading software to use can be found on this page. Sign up and get started in the right path. Avoid Crypto Trade Book if you want to preserve your bank roll a little longer.


Crypto Trade Book is working very hard to conceal evidence that they are a scam. While they claim that they are an online brokerage firm, we see a number of binary options brokers listed on the homepage. Why would an online brokerage promote other brokers on their homepage?

On the other hand, they claim that Crypto Trade Book is a Cryptocurrency trading software. Well, this is the truth. They plan to direct you towards any one of these unlicensed brokers. Once you have signed up and deposited the required minimum, the robot can begin gambling your money. Avoid!

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