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Crypto Robot Review.Are you searching for Crypto Robot reviews in order to find out the answers to the queries like what is software, either is Crypto Robot software scam or legit, either is Crypto Robot Software trading legal or not, either is there any Crypto Robot complaints or not, what is the problem in Crypto Robot crypto trading, can you make money on Crypto Robot or not, either is Crypto Robot platform profitable or not, either is Crypto Robot dedicated agent good or not and so on, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our Crypto Robot review, you are going to find out the complete truth about

Before we begin with our Crypto Robot review in detail, the Scam Expert Advisor team wants to make it clear that Crypto Robot is not a scam company. It is a legit way in which you can trade cryptos without actually owing it.

Crypto Robot Software

Crypto Robot Review is a new auto trading software recently introduced into the financial market. We appreciate the fact that, unlike other scam software, this one did not come up with unrealistic promises and overwhelming profits. This made us look further into the software and the feedbacks we got were quite encouraging.

Trading on automated software has been on the trend for a while, almost completely replacing traditional manual trading. The reason for this is mostly due to the long period of time needed to be invested into manual trading to give good results thus rising the need for automated software to help traders place profitable trades.

So here we have Crypto Robot, an automated software that can help you effectively place profitable trades while you carry out your daily activities. It also has provisions for manual trading with guiding signals enabling you to switch over to any method of trading you prefer at will.

What is Crypto Robot?

Crypto Robot is an automated software that was created by a group of expert traders and analysts who have gained many years of experience in trading. It has been designed in such a way as to help you place profitable trades in the cryptocurrency market.

Through the Crypto Robot platform, you are provided with a special algorithm for trading Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and so on.  When you signup with the Crypto Robot, you are taken to a CFD broker, where the robot trades cryptocurrency on your behalf. You will earn money when the right choice of trade is made by the robot. So, Crypto Robot is the automated trading software independent of any broker, operated by professionals behind the robot in which you can make a leveraged crypto trading.

Do I need to have cryptocurrency before I trade with the Crypto Robot? The answer is that you mustn’t own cryptos before you can trade with the Crypto Robot. So how then does it work? It is not difficult. It is very simple.

For traders with a limited amount of crypto resources, i.e. Bitcoin and altcoins, there is the option of margin trading in order to add leverage to the investment. This, in fact, increases the amount invested without having to actually hold the assets.

Margin trading allows a trader to open a position with leverage. For example – we opened a margin position with 2X leverage. Our base assets had increased by 10%. Our position yielded 20% because of the 2X leverage. Crypto Robot trades with leverage of up to 15X. This explains the high-profit potential you can get with this robot, see more.

How does Crypto Robot work?

In order to be a successful trader, you have to come up with strategies and algorithms that really work in the financial market. Crypto Robot maintains algorithms and strategies through which it analyses the financial markets activities and gives resultant signals which are used to place trades.

Alternatively, since these signals can be sent to you, you may equally use these signals to place your trades as the software also creates space for manual trading.

Also, in using this software, you are in total control of your trading as you get to decide exactly how you want your trade to be carried out in terms of trading type, strategy, number of trades, trading amount when to stop trading, etc. This feature is a good one and is not found in all software.

How to get started

Signing up and using the Crypto Robot is simple and straightforward and takes only 30 seconds to grab your free membership here.

Step 1: Enter your Information

First, you have to sign up with the Software. Remember to always select your preferred language from the drop-down list at the top right-hand side but if your language is English, then you may not need to bother about this as English is the default language.

  • name,
  • surname,
  • password,
  • email,
  • and phone number.

Step 2: Fund your Account

You’ll have to fund your account with your assigned broker’s account by clicking the deposit money button within the software. You can start with a minimum capital of $250 and above for the best possible results.

NOTE: The Trader has to open a new CFD broker account with this robot. You cannot use an already existing account with any broker supported by

Step 3: Configure your Robot

After funding your account, please do not click on the auto trade button just yet. First, go to the configuration section and tell the Crypto Robot the settings to use for trading on your account. Below are my recommended settings (you are free to adjust your own settings the way you want them):

Method: Here you choose which type of trading system to use; Classic, Martingale, or Fibonacci.

Leverage: When setting the amount of leverage to use, it is important to cross-check with your broker, to see what they have available.

Trade Size: Here you set how much money the robot should place on each trade. The minimum is $50 per trade, and it goes as high as $2000.

Max Simultaneous Trades: This is the number of trades that the system will have going at the same time. Trading robots can and do generate a lot of signals, so make sure you set the number really low.

Crypto Robot Software Platform
Crypto Robot Software Settings

Sometimes, the robot will tell you that the maximum simultaneous trades have been reached. In this case, you’re free to change it within the configuration section to your desired number. Also, you can change the trading method and indicators used at any point during an active trading session.

Step 4: Auto trade

Go back to the ”Home” section and now push the Auto-Trade button and the robot will wait for trade signals to arrive and then execute it within your account.

Step 5: Enjoy your profits

You’ve basically done all you have to do. Now, leave your computer on and watch the profits roll in!

Step 6: Time to withdraw

When it’s time to withdraw your profits, you simply go to the Broker section and click the withdraw button and it will redirect you to your broker page where you’ll input the amount you want to withdraw and submit the request after which the withdrawal will be processed.

Crypto Robot – Trading Indicators

These are very important features of the software as they make up the strategies of trading. Selecting a good Strategy can go a long way in determining your success in trading. Crypto Robot offers you six trading indicators to choose from. You may decide to select one or more indicators, however, when using auto-pilot in the presence of several indicators, trades won’t be executed unless all the selected indicators agree on a signal, creating room for maximum accuracy.
The indicators include: MACD, Willams, CCI, Trend, RSI, Stoch

Crypto Robot – Trading Method

There are three trade types in Crypto Robot and they represent your money management strategy. They serve as a way of guiding your profits and losses depending on your level of expertise. They include:

Classic trade: this is a simple method of trading. Although the profits are not relatively high, it however involves low risks unlike the other two. It is fit for beginners.
Martingale trade: this is a more complex type of trade. It suits advanced traders with some experience in trading. It involves higher risk when compared with the classic type.
Fibonacci: this is the most complex of the two. It gives more accurate results and involves lots of investments with lots of return however it is associated with many risks. It is suitable for professional traders with much experience in the financial market.

Crypto Robot – Other features

There are many other interesting features in the software, some of them are:

  • Stop loss- enables you to decide when to stop trading as a way of managing your losses and keeping your investments in check
  • Take profit
  • Profit multiplier etc


There is a vast number of cryptocurrencies available for trading on Crypto Robot for you to choose from. They include:
Bitcoin (Review)
Ethereum (Review)
Bitcoin Cash (Review)
Ripple (Review)
Dash (Review)
Litecoin (Review).

Crypto Robot – Brokers

Crypto Robot is presently working with 9 brokers and they include Roitecks(Read Review), GreenFields Capital (Read Review), PrimeCFDs(Read Review), Olsson Capital(Read Review), Opteck(Read Review), and Ashford Investments(Read Review).

Crypto Robot Brokers

Crypto Robot – Demo account

The Crypto Robot software offers a demo account where you are given a credited virtual account to trade in real-time to enable you to practice your strategies before opening a real account.

Get Crypto Robot Bitcoin Trading Demo Account Below


Advantages of Crypto Robot

There are a lot of things that we love about this trading app. We love the fact that the robot has proved to outperform its competitors, and secondly, we love the fact that the majority of those who have traded using it are happy with the results they are getting.

When the robot was released this year, it quickly attracted the attention of the masses. Blogs started writing about it, and as you can see, many people are expressing mixed opinions about it.

But the real users are the people who can truly attest to the fact that this Cryptocurrency trading robot is real.

So, what do we like about this trading robot? Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Friendly customer support
  • Extremely efficient trading algorithm
  • Fairly high win rate
  • Realistic income projection
  • Only works with the best brokers

In conclusion, Crypto Robot is a good choice for trading cryptocurrency. It has done quite well for its users and has the prospect to do more. Trading can be done easier using this software with little or no stress to make a fortune. Therefore, we would gladly recommend this software to Verified

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