Crypto Robo Review

When you’re not so sure about a robot that claims to make a lot of money, all you have to do is think about their too good promises, then investigate their fake testimonials and secure your wallet instead. This is the case with the Crypto Robo App by Walter Zubringer.

There is no trading robot that can multiply $250 to $35K per week. It is practically not possible. Anyone who wants to believe this nonsense will definitely get scammed.

If you want to trade Bitcoin and other altcoins, we encourage you to sign up for these robots because they’ve been proven and tested several times.

While the introduction video is pure animation, it shows a brief image of someone they call ”Walt Zubringer.”.So we want to assume that he is the supposed owner of Crypto Robo software.

cryptorobo actorAnd you shouldn’t trust him anyway. That’s because he is an actor, an impostor and a person who uses alias names to tell lies on the internet.

That also means that he cannot be trusted. If he is not honest with himself, then chances are that he will steal your money and ignore you afterwards.

The real owner of this software remains anonymous while utilizing the services of a photo bank such as shuttershock.

The problem is that Crypto Robo website has refused to be transparent with its audience. We wonder what other things they’ve lied about. But most importantly, we wonder whether your money will be safe once it leaves your wallet in the name of funding your broker’s account in conjunction with Crypto Robo software. There is no way you will make a penny through this system.

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