Crypto Coins Bot Review

We’ve covered lots of things as far as this scam robot is concerned. Crypto Coins Bot is basically talking lies and making you believe that they are the key to your financial freedom. Well, there is nothing like get rich overnight. Even the best trading robots in the Cryptocurrency industry will only yield reasonable profits which can only accumulate for some time before you can even build a significant account balance. For now, just avoid websites that are not transparent with their operational processes.

Review Verdict – Crypto Coins Bot is a Scam

The truth is that the owner of this software does not have any trading experience. Equally, it appears that they do not have any programming experience. What they are offering is a re-branded version of a too common binary options software. It is a white label.

Therefore, all they need you to do is to fund your account with one of their unregulated brokers. This way, they will earn a commission. The robot will trade on your behalf and lose whatever deposit you put in.That is a sad situation to find yourself in. We all agree.

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