Crypto 76 Robot Review

We have listed “Crypto 76 Robot” within our “Blacklisted” section because Crypto76Robot belongs to serial scammer who has other scam sites like: Quantum Hybrid Trader, Crypto Coin Sniper, Digital Gold Rush etc. Like these mentioned scam sites, Crypto 76 Robot also belongs to the same scammers who has been deceiving people using same method. The create a fake crypto trading software with the goal of deceiving people by making attractive offers. Their software have not yet paid a single penny to any investor. Furthermore his/her main targets are specially beginners who search keywords in search engines like “how to make money online”, “work from home jobs”, “how to earn money from trading” etc. to make an extra cash.

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In this review, we will warn you not to commit to Crypto 76 Robot Otherwise, your investments will go to waste. That site is suspicious because they are selling a product that is not only too good to be true but fake and illegal. If indeed people could generate the advertised income, everyone in the world would be rich by now. They would stop looking for more investment platforms because this one just works fine.

However, as you can see, Crypto 76 Robot is just hustling money from random internet users and at the same time lying about what they will gain from their software just to persuade them to join. Isn’t this one of the characteristics of a scam? Definitely. You can never make any penny from this site. Whoever promised that you will make money with this software is a blatant lie and misconception. But as you can see, it’s targeted towards those who have never traded Cryptos before.


Crypto 76 Robot Review

When we talk about bitcoin trading robot, we mean trading platform for cryptocurrencies that can work on a proven algorithm. This means that it allegedly can generate you profits, meanwhile you don’t have to learn anything. Therefore, when a basic scam site like Crypto 76 Robot claims that they are trading crypto currencies for profit, the next question we would ask them is which strategy does the robot use and what other evidence can they provide with regards to those claims? Crypto 76 Robot is actually a different thing. We are 100% convinced that Crypto 76 Robot is far from making money for you. They are a trading scam which is why the offering you the software for free in order to ”earn”. How weird?

We do not want to believe that Crypto 76 Robot is actually raking profits. The reason is because it is quite evident that the main activity here is giving you a free platform that will send you to a broker where you will make a minimum deposit. After you deposit, the robot will lose your money on bad trades.

Crypto 76 Robot Scam Evidence

Crypto 76 Robot Scam Review

Alex is a Fake CTO

The person acting as Alex, the CTO of Crypto 76 Robot is an actor, a notorious one that we have seen in other sites similar to the Crypto 76 Robot. The real people behind this scams always resort to the use of actors in order to hide their real faces and location so that they cant be traced and carry on their wrong doing. These people have been deceiving and cheating on people over years from many other similar sites as mentioned above. We have been writing reviews on their other sites too. Still they don’t give up on their wrong doing and we will not give up trying to aware people from being scammed by such sites.

The other thing is that their professional profiles and background cannot be found on sites such as LinkedIn or anywhere else you are likely to find people who have worked in Wallstreet. We find this suspicious indeed. The owner of Crypto 76 Robot possibly made up these stories.

No Proven Working Strategy

The biggest problem with a website like Crypto 76 Robot is that it is not transparent and definitely won’t give you the information you are looking for such as the trading strategy the work with to make money. Instead, they will hire an actor that will paint the software in the best positive light as possible. Truth is that scams like Crypto 76 Robot accept any amount of money sent to them. Even if you sent Bitcoins worth $0.001, they would accept it without a refund later on.

Fake Testimonials

The testimonials which we are seeing on this website are suggesting that Crypto 76 Robot is a misleading site.  They resemble those of scam systems because the scripts are too good to be true. We could become rich overnight with this website only if it was real. The problem is that it can’t be real. They testimonials are from paid actors and scammers can easily get to them to pass their evil message. These people are not real users of the system, they are just lying in front of the camera for money. Check our picture to see a proof.

Scammers who own these site are actually the one looking to enrich themselves with your your money. You have to watch out for these criminals.

Review Verdict – Crypto 76 Robot is a Scam – Beware!

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Will you trust a site like this? It’s hard to do so. Even if we wanted to trust them, those red flags would be too obvious. The risk would be too big to ignore. Since Crypto 76 Robot has made it clear that they don’t have a reliable algorithm, we should never proceed to fund them. If we ignore these signs, then it would mean that we are donating our hard earned money to strangers on the web. It would seriously jeopardize our pursuit to seek financial freedom. Please avoid this website like the plague if you want to spare yourself from disappointments.

Crypto 76 Robot Final Conclusion

Beginners might get excited when they come across such websites. Our job is to warn them against sending any money to these scammers because clearly they neither make profits nor improve your knowledge. So Crypto 76 Robot is basically a cheap scam looking to take advantage of you. See this guide on auto trading robots. They are approved and highly effective in the market.

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