Crunch Tech Review

Many false talks and misrepresentation of facts have led us to conclude that Crunch Tech is not a good robot to use.

On the other hand, if you’re in need of good trading robots for binary options, this list is always handy because we only approve robots with a track record. You are therefore safe with our recommended products and not any other product.

crunch tech office

When we first did our research on the Crunch Tech software, we came across some positive reviews on this software.

We were expecting to see a few industry blogs promoting this app anyway. This is because Mr. Freeman has made a lot of money doing what he does best.

He equally pumps a lot of money in promoting his projects. No wonder Crunch Tech software has a couple of positive reviews, which you and I are supposed to believe.

It seems that the proceeds which come from his activities on the internet are often used to launch new scams in the binary options industry. The cycle continues forever.

This is pretty clear from the quality of acting that this guy uses nowadays. The camera crew he hires is a testimony of this.

Lately, we’ve realized that his videos are top-notch in quality, plus he does not use cheap Fiverr actors as he is willing to source exotic actors so to speak.

We have been informed that this guy uses local actors in LA, California as opposed to cheap actors who can be sourced from equally cheap production companies on the web.

Also, considering the fact that he stays in California, it makes a lot of sense for him to pick local actors as opposed to going foreign. Beware Cruch Tech is a malicious plot.

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