Coin Bot Lab Review

Are you searching for the Coin Bot Lab reviews in order to find out what is Coin Bot Lab bitcoin trader in real, either is Coin Bot Lab Crypto Robot a scam or legit?

Well, then the answer is; Coin Bot Lab is a scam because it is an illegal company. So, we have listed it within our Bad and Scams category. For a trusted cryptocurrency expert advisor, visit Here.

Coin Bot Lab Review

Coin Bot Lab Review

Coin Bot Lab is a new cryptocurrency software presently available in the market. It is quite attractive software but unfortunately is a well-disguised scam. It is just another crappy online trading software that has nothing to offer in the actual sense but has painted itself with so many lies with the aim of misleading innocent traders and stealing from them.
It is no news that cryptocurrency over the past few years has gained a lot of popularity and interest from many investors making the industry grow steadily which is why fraudsters are taking advantage of the situation to rob investors.

Coin Bot Lab is a typical handwork of such fraudsters and as such should be avoided if you really want to enjoy your trading in the financial markets.

Coin Bot Lab Scam

We have received lots of complaints from investors who are already using this app and have fallen victim to the scam as most of them have lost their entire investments.

Who is behind this software?

Actually, we have no idea about the group behind this software. They have chosen to maintain animosity which is very typical with a lot of scams. we are always skeptical about owners of online trading software who hide their identities. Needless to say, is very unhealthy to be.
These people don’t want to be found and would rather choose to be untraceable by not giving a single clue that suggests who they really are. Such software owners would rob you of your hard-earned money and disappear into thin air. And when this happens, they will be nowhere to be found to hold them responsible.

What is Coin bot lab all about and how does it work?

Coin Bot Lab is said to be an auto-trading software designed for trading cryptocurrencies. According to them, it is a free trading software with advanced technology capable of placing profitable trades for you with a whooping win rate of 98%. Yes, they said 98%. At this point, looking at this software twice would totally be a waste of time.

First of all, as long as the financial market is concerned, no software can genuinely boast of a winning rate as high as 98% because no such software exists in the real world otherwise everyone would be millionaires by now. So don’t be quick to believe such lies as you would only be misled.

Then talking about how this software truly works is a total mystery. We were not told how this software actually works or the algorithm and basis of the technology involved, all we know about this software is that it is a piece of Crap.

It has nothing to offer but lies. Talking about lies, this software claims to have had a win rate of 91% in the year 2017, but it may interest you to know that this software was non-existent in 2017. It just came into existence in January 2018, so it is very obvious that this story of theirs was fabricated. And we know for sure that nothing good can come out of such fraudulent software.

Also, there is no evidence to show their trading performance so far. For software that claims to have done so well, we expect to see good results. Although it is a known fact that some scam software present fabricated results to show fake positive performance, however in this case, we neither have the evidence of a fake result nor a genuine result. It is glaring that these people have no results at all.

Fake Coin Bot Lab Reviews

Just when we thought the lies were already overwhelming, we stumbled on this chunk of misleading information in the form of customer reviews. Here we have photos of the alleged users of software claiming to have made lots of profits from the software. What is even more pathetic is the claim that deposit as high as $1000 will get you more profits. So what is their aim? To get you to deposit and lose that much money quickly?

Coin Bot Lab Scam

The fact remains that these so-called users have no connection with Coin Bot Lab software as they were fabricated. There are just stock photos from the internet and do not represent users of the software.

Apparently, there are no genuine reviews for these software because none exists which is why they come up with lies.

Fake demo

Coin Bot Lab software provides you with a fake demo version which gives you the impression that you are trading on a live account and have the potential of winning. Don’t fall for this because it is not real. Reality will only dawn on you when you start trading with real money.

Unregulated brokers

Coin Bot Lab provides you with unlicensed brokers and these brokers will be selected for you when you register with them. This is bad news because when you open an account with them, the odds that you will lose and never recover your money are very high.

Review Verdict: Coin Bot Lab is a Scam

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As much as we would like to believe that this software has the potential of making profitable trades, we would simply disregard it because there is no concrete evidence to back up their claims. It is just another cryptocurrency scam out to defraud you.

Another disturbing fact is that signing up with these mysterious auto traders literally causes misery as you will get spammed repeatedly with messages aimed at cajoling you into investing lots of money with them. This is quite a mischievous method and forces us to raise our eyebrows even further. Such marketing attitudes are grossly unprofessional and represent a desperate group of people who are eager to quickly steal from you and suddenly disappear. You certainly must avoid such groups if you really want to succeed as a trader.

One major issue with such software is the fact that they deal with unlicensed and unregulated brokers which is very bad for business. You will likely lose all your investments without any trace of it.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, Coin Bot Lab simply isn’t worth your money and time. It is full of falsehoods and has no potential of making you profits, and as such, we would not recommend it to you.

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