BTC Prestige Review

Are you searching for the BTC Prestige reviews in order to find out whether there are BTC Prestige complaint, either is BTC Prestige scam or legit? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our BTC Prestige review, you are going to find out the complete truth about BTC Prestige.

Actually, we don’t recommend anyone to use BTC Prestige and have added them to the Blacklist because of the numerous complaint we received. Find out why to be especially wary of dealing with this unauthorised individual and how to protect yourself from scammers. But, after knowing the fact that the BTC Prestige is a scam, if you don’t want to find out more details on it, but instead want to find out the best auto trading software, then you can click this link:-

Rest assured that BTC Prestige is not a signal provider that you would want to do business with. They are escapist who do not see the need for accountability. It’s the reason they have a silly disclaimer statement on that website.

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BTC Prestige Review

The first thing we realized with this scam program is that it is working hard to make traders believe that it’s possible to make more than you have deposited in the blink of an eye. As a matter of fact, BTC Prestige promises instant wealth when you push a button. It’s one of those push-button wealth systems that sound too good to be true but deliver zero results.

This scam thrives on false assurance. For instance, the website says that this software is the main deal in crypto currency, thanks to the news that Russia and China duo will lift Bitcoin ban. It is allegedly possible to trade efficiently and profitably with this system because the BTC Prestige software will be predicting the next bitcoin price after the ban. With this you can be making more than 10-100x your $250 investment.

Of course this stuff sounds too good to be true. You have to be gullible to believe it. The idea is that when you deposit $250, this software will start trading it on auto-pilot to make you the promised 100% ROI.

And you see, if you want to try out this system, go on. But rest assured that you will get scammed. However, if you are looking for a genuine robot that can trade and deliver reasonable profits, this list of trading systems will serve you well.

As always, we are not advising anyone to waste their time watching the sales video in the BTC Prestige. It contains a lot of rubbish so to speak. It’s a time waster because the kind of information that you need is very scarce here. They tend to concentrate on fake assumptions without telling their viewers how this software is able to predict the next bitcoin price.

Their marketing tactics

When you open the homepage of BTC Prestige system, you will see a static alerts conveying that someone has joined and total winning signals sent at the moment.

That is laughable because honestly these scammers are expecting their visitors to fall for such kind of trickery.

You see, when it comes to financial matters, it doesn’t matter how well you’re displaying the power of your robot. What matters is evidence that these guys really won the alleged money.

These crooks would have done a better job by showing the actual trading statements of the alleged winners.

We actually tried engaging support on the footer menu on their website. This support menu is not clickable and so there is no way we could access the life chat support. We don’t know why.

We wanted to inquire if we could gain access to trading statements which prove that indeed people were winning these trades but to no avail. This crooks added a non clickable support menu to fool you that all your potential question can be addressed.

We do not know why BTC Prestige wants users to trust it when there is no evidence that their system works. Maybe they are banking on claims, hoping that some foolish individual with $250 will fall for their tricks. That is the purpose of that website by the way.

Recycled Scam

We felt that there was need to bring this to your attention. This system has been recycled as it first appeared on the web sometimes in 2017 as The Bitcoin Code, which is viral until now.

That means that they are ready to re-enforce once more this time with the perception that bitcoin will soon skyrocket. If the original software is a scam in 2017, then most definitely it will still con unsuspecting victims in 2018.

Review Verdict – BTC Prestige is a scam – Do not deposit to their brokers

This shoddy system invites users to deposit $250 with their offshore broker called Xmarkets. Of course when you do this, you will be expecting to make millions in a short time. But truth will soon turn out that this software is a money-loser, i.e. it losses every trade that it opens. It finally blows your account because even stopping it from opening random trades is not possible. It only stops when your account is depleted.

Our best advise for you

Honestly, we do not like how the anonymous presenter lies about this opportunity. All this is very intentional because every bit of word that comes out of his mouth in this video are lies.

He claims that China and Russia will lift their crypto currency ban. First of all, bitcoin is not banned or illegal in China and Russia. People from both countries are using it since the beginning.Secondly, there are more than 17 exchanges where you can buy and exchange bitcoin from china.

Since this guy is shameless, he does not see anything wrong with lying in front of the camera because he is a highly corrupt soul.

For instance, he tells his audience that Bitcoin price will soon hit $11,000 as well. This is the second biggest lie after the first one.

We could describe the BTC Prestige as a miracle system… the kind that is only used by magicians to pull money out of nowhere.

But do you believe that real trading products with abnormal profit potential exist? You’ll be shocked. They don’t.

So this is fake miracle if you must put it that way. It is just a wild dream. Moreover, it does not make sense for someone to give out such a powerful trading system for free.

They desperately want your $250. They will go an extra mile to pester you into sending them this money.

How do they intend to achieve this objective? This is very easy. As you can see, the owner of Real Binary Options Robot pretends that he is offering the best deal by claiming that he will give you a free demo account, a free robot, access to real account monitoring, plus they are ”guarantying” you that this opportunity is fully transparent.

Don’t be taken for a fool. With all the evidence that we have presented above, you should just know that this is a ploy to rob you.

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